VALENCIA, CA – 31 Aug, 2017 – Sparkbox, a new, portable electric generator that is compact in design and can power up virtually anything, no matter the user’s location, this week launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for garnering widespread support and the necessary financial backing to keep the convenient product affordable today.

As the first of its kind of product for EV battery charging, RVs, campers, emergency preparedness, and other kinds of power needs, Sparkbox is revolutionizing the clean energy industry.

“This product is powerful enough to charge up an entire car, yet small enough to fit comfortably in the trunk,” said Marty Wolf, Founder and Owner of Sparkbox. “It’s an electric generator that is poised to be the next clean generator of the generator world, and we’ve made it all possible in one easy-to-transport, seamless design.”

Sparkbox provides 3.2KW of power, enabling it to power up to twenty other power devices. Additionally, it comes with Bluetooth capability and iOS, Android, and desktop apps, allowing for remote battery monitoring, charge status alerts, and the ability to control Sparkbox wherever the user goes. AC outlets are available directly on the case, and there are two onboard 3A USB chargers for use at all times.

“Sparkbox blows past the chunky, heavy, and awkwardly designed gas-run generators of our world today,” said Marty Wolf. “Our team brings a collective 30-years of experience manufacturing consumer electronics and we’re 12-months into the Sparkbox development process. In order to make our eco-friendly solution a reality, we are seeking support under our new Kickstarter crowdfunding platform today.”

Sparkbox is clean, green, and eco-friendly, providing a sustainable energy alternative that is better for both people and the planet.

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