Silicon Valley Bank Customers Suspect an eShares Acquisition Very Soon

eShares is a Palo Alto based technology company that specializes in capitalization table management and valuation software
Source indicate that eShares Inc may buy out SVB Analytics.

SEATTLE, Wash. – Silicon Valley Bank’s business valuation subsidiary SVB Analytics is likely to be acquired by eShares, Inc. in the near future, according to anonymous sources in the industry.

Clients of SVB Analytics expect a consistent valuation firm with reliable audit support. An acquisition like this is cause for concern because eShares may not be willing or able to stand by or support a valuation from SVB Analytics prior to their acquisition.

eShares, Inc. is a venture backed company, which may result in additional risk to current customers of SVB Analytics as the plans of eShares may be dictated by the desires of its investors. Some of these customers are concerned that eShares could potentially go out of business and leave them without any audit support.

Longtime competitors in the business valuation sector see this likely acquisition as an opportunity to demonstrate the value of working with a valuation firm that is stable. Some may advertise their demonstrated history of backing up their valuations and audits in order to attract concerned or disenfranchised SVB Analytics customers.

If this suspected acquisition occurs, it will likely happen during September. For now, the business valuation industry is keeping a close eye on this development.

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