Plastic Card Online.Inc Manufactures & Supplies Exclusive Range of Quality Plastic Cards at Factory Cost in HongKong

Plastic Card Online.Inc is a Chinese firm headquartered in HongKong. They are associated with the manufacturing and supplying of plastic cards worldwide.

The modern era has reduced the life of the average Jane and Joe into living their lives in the moment. People these days neither have the patience nor the time to bear the hassle of dealing in bank notes and currency bonds. On the other hand, in the past people often communicated and built their business relationships by sitting face to face.

These days a crystal clear plastic card is more than enough to convey who a particular person is and who they represent. The Recent boom in business, globalization, the rise of the global population and the fast paced life led to the point where electronic monetary transactions are gaining a strong foothold. This led to the excess use of debit and credit cards on a global scale.

Plastic Card Online.Inc is a company based in China and headquartered in HongKong. It was established in 2008 and ever since its inception; they have associated themselves with the processes of clear plastic card printing and related operations. Since their company policy is made and based around the idea where the customer is kept at the forefront in terms of priority, they were successful in gaining the trust of clients in no time at all. Their client base comprises of customers on a global scale and their operations involve over 80 countries around the world.

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The manufacturing and designing section of the company at present enables them to churn out 20 million individual plastic cards on a monthly basis. the cards are made from PVC material and comply with the standards set by the ISO (760 microns.)

The clear plastic card design section of the company comprises of highly trained individuals that add to the overall appeal and demand for the products on the global market. The company makes the use of modern technology and state of the art equipment in their manufacturing and designing unit. The unit consists of machines like CNC machines that handle the precision cutting operations required for manufacturing magnetic key cards, Heidelberg machines that enable them to manufacture cards loaded with visual appeal in terms of texture and finishing etc.

The company is on the speed dial of various organizations for handling their requests of magnetic key cards, credit cards, debit cards, identification cards, weather proof business cards etc due to their commitment towards providing the order to the customer on time. An extensive and intricate shipping channel is at the disposal of the company that handles all of their shipping needs to the overseas. On top of that, they even partnered up with various airways that enable them to deliver goods to their clients who are in a rush.

About Plastic Card Online.Inc

Plastic Card Online.Inc is a Chinese organization that mainly caters to their clients by handling all of their plastic card manufacturing needs. For trade inquiries and further details kindly refer to their official website.

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