Blami Arts is a company that started in the year 2015 by a team that felt the need to bring inspiration to every home through the work of art. Currently, they are thrilled to release their improved version of Blami Chalk 12 set which has been sitting on Amazon Best Seller throne for a very long time. This was due to their unique chalk pen set which was the first on the market to include shiny metallic gold and silver color. Now the new Blami Chalk 14 set that comes with enticing bonuses which cannot be ignored, has enabled the company to be regarded as a pacesetter in product design.

Blami Arts is known to be famous for the production of quality art products. The art products made by Blami Arts include; chalk markers, chalkboard labels and kraft paper and twine sets. All of their products are very versatile, making it possible to use on different materials and at wide variety of occasions. The products can also be utilized in a different environment, enabling one to use the product at the office, home and any other place as chosen by the product user.

Blami Arts has always strived to get better and that’s why their offers constantly improve. New chalk marker set has 14 stunning colors and additional bonus item that lifts this customer oriented company above all other chalk marker providers.

Finally there is a solution for all chalk ink users who struggled to clean their slightly porous boards and wasted their time and money for additional cleaning products. Blami Chalk 14 set is the first set which includes specially designed and most effective Blami eraser sponge. Many customers reported how they could really clean their writing surfaces with ease.

Furthermore, quality and simplicity are good characteristics of the products made by Blami Arts.  These products are made with special care, having a simple design that makes it easy to handle. The satisfaction of customers has always been a priority for Blami Arts, so the fact that they are also known as a top-notch support service providers is not surprising.  

Blami Arts commitment towards innovation enables them to stay ahead of their competitors.

Their products are an excellent choice for those in need of a quality chalk pens backed with efficient erasing tool all in one set. Check why Blami Arts markers are called teacher’s treasure even before the school started.

Blami Arts products can be accessed on Amazon; enquiries can also be forwarded to their social media pages.

In addition to the bonus packages, Blami Arts is offering a 30% discount for its 14 liquid chalk pens. You can receive it for just $9.07 using the Amazon promo code and clicking on the link below;

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Country: United States