Sports Medica’s outstanding pillow gets tons of 5-star reviews on Amazon 

31 August, 2017 – The average person wants to buy items from trustworthy brands that only sell the best products. In this age of e-commerce, nothing says ‘I am an excellent product’ like 5-star reviews on the most popular internet retailer’s website.

During the first few months of trading on and, Sports Medica’s memory foam pillow has received over 75 5-star reviews, with an average of 4.8 stars across marketplaces. That is a huge telltale sign of how excellent the product is for users. There have been multiple references to the versatility of this pillow in the received reviews in both the American and European Amazon marketplaces.

Some of these amazing reviews include Jane O (5-star review), who said This is a very useful and comfortable pillow. Presently I use it to lift my knee when sleeping on my side, but I feel sure I will find other ways of using it too. It helps to keep my spine aligned properly even when sleeping on my side.”

Mr. Govind(5-star review) also added “Great pillow!!! Whilst being injured with a ruptured Achilles tendon, I could never get comfortable with normal pillows. This pillow fully supported my lower which helped keep my leg elevated. Well worth the money spent.”

“Unfortunately I was in a car crash in December and have been suffering from terrible whiplash. I sleep on my back and I’ve been waking up with such a stiff neck that I decided to give this pillow a shot. I opened it out and put it under my head and it helped keep my head straight and elevated and so far, has massively helped!” says Mr. Conway (5-star review).

The reviews of the memory foam pillow have a consistent theme of high quality with many reviewers praising the high-density memory foam which keeps its shape.

Una, a 5-star reviewer wrote: “I decided to get something soft enough to be comfortable but firm enough not to compress too much. This pillow was designed for the knees but seems to work for sitting on too.”

Una’s comments were supported by Steve Andrews, another 5-star reviewer, who wrote: “Really versatile and I can stuff it in my cycling bag when I take it to work and never loses shape.”

The Co-CEO of Sports Medica, Mr. L Paternott, said “We are really proud of our whole team and what we have created. Thankfully the hard work that we have put in for our customers is really showing. We are humbled by the support and positive feedback we have received. If any of our customers have any ideas for how we can improve our pillow, please feel free to contact us and let us know.”

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