AnyFlip Flipbook Maker – Best Tool for Back-to-school Season Marketing

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Leading digital publishing solutions provider, Anyflip launches flipbook maker to help schools achieve better customer engagement in the back-to-school season.

The flipbook maker by Anyflip has been described as the best digital publishing tool for back-to-school marketing. With students getting ready to resume and parents looking for the right schools for their wards, the back-to-school season is always an eventful period for providers of educational services – schools.

Due to the increasing competition in the educational sector as many schools troop the sector, schools need to devise more effective techniques of attracting more customers, engaging them, and consequently touching more lives.

AnyFlip flipbook maker comes with different exciting features and benefits for virtually all kinds of businesses including schools. According to the Chief Designer of AnyFlip, Anna Lee, the flipbook maker was created to help businesses leverage digital publishing and reach their target audience in a more effective and engaging way.

The features of the flipbook maker include built-in embedded bookshelf, free & unlimited publication, addition of stunning rich media, over hundred pre-designed templates, and unlimited hosting cloud platform.

The flipbook maker allows for the easy and effective creation of flip magazines and brochures for digital marketing. The digital content created using Anyflip flipbook maker also helps businesses reach their target audience on-the-go as the content can be read on mobile devices.

The flipbook maker also allows users to share their content on social networks as well as offline promotion.  Users can create the digital content and publish it online easily. Then both the users and readers can share the content with a simple click. Readers can also download the flipping content or print it to paper magazine and brochures.

For more details, please visit AnyFlip homepage.

About AnyFlip

Headquartered in Hong Kong, AnyFlip has helped thousands of businesses across the globe create captivating digital content.  Now its online publishing platform welcomes the digital magazines and brochures about school in this special season. 

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