New Book: Alternative Lifestyles Offer Alternatives to High Divorce Rates

The new title is broadly accessible relationship help and not aimed specifically at kink-identified couples.

A new book, Unequal Partnership:  a dating guide for loving non-egalitarian relationships (Selenite Press) details how alternative lifestyle choices can be a deliberate strategy for a healthy love relationship.

The book, which challenges an assumption that an egalitarian relationship is for everyone, was released at a time when the divorce rate is widely reported to be higher than fifty percent.

Unequal Partnership is a dominance/submission relationship model.  Unequal Partners begin by setting up a deliberate, consensual power imbalance in their relationship.  Their intention is to establish mutual respect, relationship sustainability, and continuous support for individual growth.  The book is written for a wide audience and not aimed specifically at kink-identified couples.  It is purely about relationship dynamics.  The book constitutes Unequal Partners as a cooperative team instead of the usual boyfriend versus girlfriend, that is, not individualistic and not adversarial.  The author is not against being egalitarian but instead offers another model for couples that might be a better fit for some.

“The idea of handing responsibility for the fulfillment of one’s needs over to the partner. Each partner is focused primarily on fulfilling their partner’s needs, while communicating their own clearly. That sounds like a lovely way to live together,” said one launch customer.

This is the first in a three book series about Unequal Partnership.  The second book, slated to be published in 2018, is a deeper explanation of the theory.  The third book is a relationship troubleshooting text for Unequal Partners.  All books are available in ebook and print formats.

Aisha-Sky Gates is a relationship coach and writer. She lives in a small town in Massachusetts and enjoys rural life. Her professional background is in organizational development and higher education.  She and her loved one have a very happy, well-established unequal partnership.

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