B&D Rockeries Offers Retaining Walls in Seattle WA

For those living in the Seattle and surrounding Washington areas, B&D Rockeries is willing and able to install all types of retaining walls at your home or business. Any potential customer can contact them today for a free estimate. Your retaining wall will be constructed in the perfect place to ensure proper water flow, functional use, and aesthetic beauty for your yard. B&D Rockeries retaining walls are typically built customized for each homeowner and the company highly specializes in creating the perfect design for difficult landscapes. 

B&D Rockeries: Seattle retaining walls can be built with concrete or non-concrete options. For all non-concrete options, B&D contacts their local quarries to ensure they find the best sizes, colors, and styles to match the beautiful wall that you envision. Their techniques for these rock retaining walls include boulders, two man three man, and half man one man. The half man-one man rocks are typically used for smaller walls under four feet and tend to be more manual labor intensive. Two man-three man rocks are the most commonly used for retaining walls as their size is suitable for most projects. Boulders are available for use in bigger projects and are the least common material used for retaining walls. 

By understanding how specific rock types fit together coupled with their professional installation skills, B&D Rockeries will create custom retaining walls that last for many years to come. Many do-it-yourselfers fall into the trap of not understanding the basis of rock fitting, which results in deterioration of the retaining wall within a few years. With the help of B&D Rockeries, you’ll never have to worry about that as their walls remain sturdy. 

This company will work with you and your yard to find the perfect fit. The staff will evaluate your landscape and the water flow throughout your property to help identify suitable installation locations for your retaining wall. They have done so with many happy customers in Seattle, Everett, Bothell, Mill Creek, Mukilteo, Snohomish County, and King County.

With over 35 years of landscaping experience, they’ve done and seen various types of landscape. Neil Eneix, the owner of B&D Rockeries, is considered an expert in his field. His laid-back approach and customer-driven project development and design tactics allow for beautiful landscaping results. He takes pride in having the right equipment accessible so his staff can build the retaining wall of your dreams without wrecking the other landscaping features in your lawn.

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