Billionaire Magazine emerges as the #1 Wealth Magazine and Finest Marketplace is officially being recognized as the best of all wealth magazines for the international affluent community. The magazine covers information on everything that is enjoyed by the financially elite.
Milton Keynes, England – 31 August, 2017 – Luxury living at its finest is the exclusive domain of the ultra-high net worth individual and calls for global coverage to satisfy the jet set lifestyle of the privileged few. Excellent news for those looking for the ultimate guide on the affluent lifestyle as Billionaire Magazine has officially been acknowledged as the best wealth magazine of them all. Billionaire Magazine focusses on serving it’s wealthy readership on a level that is unmatched by its rivals.
With over 1.1 million visits per month to its website and a database of over 5 million opted in subscribers with a net worth of $30 million or more, Billionaire Magazine is set to serve both customers and luxury marketers with highly detailed information about the habits, trends and interest of the wealthiest people on the planet. The magazine is also the world’s finest marketplace to sell private jets, yachts, real estate, supercars, high end watches, art and jewelry. 

Print subscriptions are available for Billionaire Magazine ranging around $300 up to $30,000 making it the world’s most expensive magazine. The elite Platinum subscription also includes the Billionaire’s Card Concierge service which puts the finest products and services at your beck and call 24 hours per day 365 days per year.  

“We are proud to serve our customers globally and to be recognized as the best of all wealth magazines. As media partners for Top Marques Monaco, Luxury Property Show China, Luxury Property Show London, Big Boys Toys Abu Dhabi, The Dubai International Motor Show, The Dubai Yacht Show, Art Beyond Brics Abu Dhabi and a host of other incredible international events we interact daily with the most discerning buyers in the world,” said CEO Lawrence Colbert. He has also been interviewed on television programs like BBC NewsDay to discuss wealth and the impact that the spending habits that the UHNW individuals has on world economies. He went on to say, “Our aim is to be the first and last word when it comes to the exclusive international lifestyle.” Whether one is seeking information about the most expensive hotels or the most exquisite wine, we are the best and most trusted resource. The magazine also focuses on philanthropy and partners with brands that allow its customers to give to charity as they book private jet and yachting experiences through and One can also sell high end properties via and supercars via all of which sit within the Billionaire Magazine website but also act as standalone websites which gives advertisers a more permanent presence on the world’s finest marketplace. 

This leading magazine presents detailed reviews and data on a vast and versatile range of luxury subjects. This includes supercars, private jets, yachts, elite protection, exquisite watches, the latest tech and gadgets, rare jewelry and much more. The magazine also has a Blue Ticked Verified Twitter account which boasts over 300,000 active followers and generates over 50,000 impressions daily across its various social media platforms including Facebook, and Instagram. The magazine’s Twitter account, which serves as a source of inspirational messages and aspirational images to hundreds of thousands daily, was once ridiculed by the now defunct Fusion website whose writer was later dismissed.

The magazine was founded by the African American military veteran Lawrence Colbert who simply wanted to create a periodical that helps to focus one’s eyes on the prize no matter what struggles we may face daily. He says all success stories share the common theme of “Dream, Struggle Victory.” He wanted to simply inspire people to never give up and go for their goals no matter how impossible the may appear. In spite of once being homeless and having to overcome personal tragedy he went on to work with various billionaires and interview hundreds of multimillionaires. He says that motivation and attitude are key precursors to the enormous amount of effort and work that one must put in to achieve sustainable success. The magazine’s key aim is to motivate, inspire, educate and serve those who seek to achieve greatness and change the world whilst living the affluent lifestyle. 

“We believe in the maxim of ‘Dream’, ‘Struggle’ and ‘Victory’. By ‘Dream’ we stress on those intangible philosophies and ideals which powers the true achievers. By ‘Struggle’, we refer to the phenomenal struggles which made the billionaires what they are today. By ‘Victory’, we mean those timeless achievements which speak of true quality.”

Colbert also emphasized the fantastic advertising platform the magazine represents for top notch brands that are looking to reach to the affluent community internationally. By creating which sits within the Billionaire Magazine and also acts a a stand alone website, advertisers have the opportunity to reach their target audience with budgets starting from just $39 per month.

“We cover an exclusive demographic that owns and controls 90 percent of the world’s wealth. It’s quite a challenge to reach them and we provide unfettered access into their habits, interest and lifestyles,” said Mr. Colbert.

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