Craft Beer and Vinyl Mashup Ignites Buzz in Ohio

Music collectors and beer enthusiasts rejoice at newly launched Craft & Vinyl
Craft Beer Pub and Vinyl Record Shop smashup ignites into buzz-worthy Craft & Vinyl hybrid concept in Columbus neighborhood of Grandview Heights.

Timothy Plast, Author

Columbus, OH – Craft & Vinyl is a new concept creation from marketing maestro and music lover, Troy Stacy. The vinyl record shop – slash – craft beer pub will be opening its doors in Ohio.  According to Stacy, he typically pitches business in places like NYC, Nashville and Los Angeles. For his latest project, however, Stacy has selected Grandview, Ohio. This music and craft beer friendly locale will be the location of the first of four Craft & Vinyl stores in the state.  Ohio was a natural fit for his pub and vinyl record shop vision, with craft breweries numbering over 200. Its brewers collectively produce more than 1.5 million barrels of brew annually, funneling over 2 billion dollars into the state’s economy.  The concept of converging a pub and vinyl record shop was a matter of putting two growing markets together. FORBES’ recent reporting cited that vinyl albums are the new billion-dollar music business, anticipating over 40,000,000 vinyl LP album sales in 2017 alone. Stacy decided to act on his passions and develop Craft & Vinyl in order to ride the waves of two commercial markets on the rise: craft beer and vinyl album collections.

“I love discovering new craft beers to try and I have a passion for collecting vinyl,” says Stacy. “I usually enjoy these things together. In talking with others I realized a ton of people felt the way I did and that sent me on a mission to converge craft beer and vinyl record experiences under one roof.”

Craft & Vinyl allows like-minded collectors and discoverers to grab a cold one at the pub and stroll comfortably into a vinyl album showroom to shop and mingle. For those who are interested in producing music, Stacy has a special space reserved just for them. Stacy’s seat on the Columbus Music Commission’s development committee, prompted him to integrate a songwriter’s recording suite so that local musicians and songsters can gather with co-creators and produce songs within steps of the pub. He’s dubbed the suite a “sonic maker space.”

“I go down the rabbit hole with my friends. A few cold craft beers, vinyl sprawled out, examining in detail the subtle nuances of the artwork, the lyric sheets and inserts and of course the album itself. We get lost listening and talking music and the world just fades away,” states Stacy. “That’s what I’d like to give those that are passionate about craft beer and vinyl albums too, a place to get lost and escape; a place to discover and have great experiences with their friends.”

Stacy’s career path seems uniquely designed to lead him to exactly where he is now. Not only has his past included ownership of a music venue and bar, but he also worked in the marketing agency world developing award-winning campaigns to highlight the unique value of the brands he promoted. As a former VP of Marketing within the Universal family of labels he was able to achieve Gold & Platinum music marketing credentials.  Most recently Stacy is recognized as a Fortune 100 digital marketing expert having digitally activated the Sports Marketing portfolio for the Nationwide Insurance & Financial brand. His efforts nationally amplified relationships with the likes of Dale Earnhardt Jr., Peyton Manning and the Dallas Cowboys.

Stacy is currently developing a naming rights platform with the goal of having just the right Ohio craft beer brewery to brand their locations. He believes this will position a brewery partner, from a consumer facing perspective, as the “lead singer” of the concept. “A local brewery I respect greatly is Four String Brewing,” says Stacy, “so as an example imagine our location storefront signage reading Four String Brewery’s Craft & Vinyl, seamlessly integrating their brand with our concept.”

Having a strategic alliance will deliver a smart brewery a myriad of activation components – efforts brewers often struggle to deliver in a differentiated manner. Primary share of voice in the product mix, branded infrastructure placement, compelling drink features, perfect pairings with the latest vinyl album releases and putting the brewer front and center on various regional events will create the type of brand awareness that helps a craft beer brand “make a splash.”

Craft & Vinyl has a created a new hop-sonic architecture.

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