‘Socially Aware’ Games by App Developer DreamSwitch to Herald a New World of Gaming

Pittsburgh, PA – An idea of gaming has finally been conceived, which will actually make the world a better place every time a game is played. DreamSwitch has been founded to bring to the world the very first charity and donation oriented gaming platform, where players can earn and also let charities around the world earn too.

Gaming need not be a futile waste of time and money. DreamSwitch is now prepared to change the very nature of gaming online and on mobile apps. The brain child of entrepreneur Gary M Gray, it is now seeking crowdfunding on Indiegogo, beginning September 6, to build the App and a studio. The never before tried approach aims to reach 1 million players, which will allow it to award $40,000 to players and $40,000 to charities each day. At 5 million players, it can give $200,000 to players and $200,000 to charities each day.

“Many people lack the time or money to donate to worthy causes. Our new games will allow them to contribute in a tangible way, every day!” says Gary M Gray, Founder, DreamSwitch, LLC. “it’s a great value exchange for players, charities and advertisers.”

DreamSwitch has already announced its very first game, RoShambo Daily. The players, referred to as ‘Warriors4Good’, can spend just four minutes of time a day to start generating hope and help for millions around.

“This App will help mend the deep divides in this country. We’ll see players from diverse races, political views and genders form a community of Warriors4Good to provide daily hope / daily help to the players and the various charities they support,” says Gary.

Apart from its utility, the socially aware games aim to make people feel a new sense of positivity, and know how great it feels to aid and assist others with just a few minutes of time spent playing a game.

DreamSwitch welcomes funding contributions on its Indiegogo.com page (Roshambo Daily). Anyone who wishes to participate in this literally game changing endeavor can also sign up with the community to receive news and insider status, and invitation to exclusive tournaments for the early supporters.

For more information, please visit: www.dreamswitchmedia.com

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