Pamela Foland releases her debut book, Megan\’s World Book 1 – Megan\’s Munchkins in September

Pet lover and University of Texas graduate, Pamela Fond, releases the first of her debut book series to help children learn how to care for pets

31 Aug, 2017 – Dallas, TX – Pamela Foland has announced the release of her debut series, Megan’s World Book. The first of the series, Megan’s World Book 1 – Megan’s Munchkins set to be released on September 12, 2017.

The book series is written by Pamela Foland in an attempt to teach children and even adults on how to properly care for their pets. The main character of the series is Megan, with the story centering on how she loved to own a pet.

Sonny’s Legal Publishing publishes the middle grade fiction book and it hopes to teach child learning responsibility. Megan, the main character,is a pet lover who accidentally finds four motherless kittens. The story also illustrates how children can care for cats and kittens, as well as a child keeping a secret, with Megan trying everything possibel to keep the kittens against her parents’ wish and without their knowledge.

Megan had always wanted a pet, but she got even more than she wished for, with three motherless kittens. Megan kept the kittens in her closet, making it a big secret and following her desire to care for the kittens and save their lives.

The book was written for 8-12year old girls. It depicts what it takes to cater to a child’s first pet as it detailed how Megan did all she could to ensure that the kittens lived well. Megan’s World Book 1 – Megan’s Munchkins details five weeks of Megan and her kittens. It detailed an endless cycle of feeding schedules, vet visits, homework, household chore, and sneaking around as she tries to continue keeping it a secret.

Megan’s dream was brought to life when she found the kitten, but will her parents say about her furry secrets? Will she be allowed to keep the kittens she loves with all her heart? Pamela Foland answers all the questions and more in her newest book, Megan’s World Book 1 – Megan’s Munchkins.

Pamela Foland’s love of animals and her experience with taking care of an abandoned litter of day-old kittens she found and raised have helped her put a unique and captivating story together. She now enjoys going home to her ‘little munchkins’ every night and the experience has inspired her to write the series debut, Megan’s Munchkins.

The second book from the Megan’s World Book series, Megan’s World Book 2 – Megan’s Pet Sitting Adventure will be released in November, 2017. Both books are available on Amazon.

About Pamela Foland

Pamela Foland holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and a minor in Business in 2005 from the University of Texas at Dallas. Growing up in Plano, Texas, Pamela has always being a lover of pets, constantly bringing home stray dogs, and injured birds. 

Pamela’s love for animals grew stronger as she became older, working in several pet hotels as a dog trainer and certified to teach pet first aid and CPR. Her experiences taking care of animals, especially raising an abandoned litter of day-old kittens inspired her series debut, Megan’s Munchkins.

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