Discovering the Beauty of the City – Nimble Real Estate Sponsored a Cycling Event in Zhaoqing 敏捷地产举办“发现城市之美”肇庆骑行活动

Recently, Nimble Real Estate and Guangdong Radio and Television Station held a cycling event of “Discovering the Beauty of Zhaoqing by Cycling”, aiming to initiating an positive lifestyle. This event received strong supports …


Recently, Nimble Real Estate and Guangdong Radio and Television Station held a cycling event of “Discovering the Beauty of Zhaoqing by Cycling”, aiming to initiating an positive lifestyle. This event received strong supports from Zhaoqing Civilized City Creating Group, Zhaoqing Tourism Board and Xinghu Scenic Area Authority.


On that day, a grand opening ceremony was held in Xinghu Memorial Archway Square by the organizer. In the ceremony, some professional riders performed extreme cycling show and the representative received the flag of this cycling event from the organizer. Then, 300 riders started their relaxing cycling journey along The Seven Star Crags and Fairy Lake. This journey started from Xinghu Memorial Archway Square and circling back to the Square as well by way of Xinghuwan Park, Eastern Gateway Square, Fairy Lake, Northern Gateway Square, Haibo Park and Banyue Lake Park, with total distance of 16km around Seven Stars Crags Scenic Area. The organizer offered participants vests, shared bicycles and badges, and equipped with several supply points along the route and provided on-site medical service, which presented high degree of professional.

肇庆旅游资源丰富,是中国优秀旅游城市,星湖、西江小三峡、德庆盘龙峡各具特色,其中星湖(含七星岩、鼎湖山两大景区)最负盛名。肇庆市旅游局市场开发科科长易奇志表示:肇庆的环星湖 绿道是中国最美的绿道。这个活动一路倡导绿色环保,2018年广东省运会也会在这里举行,所以本次骑行活动也是提前为省运会加油助威。

As one of the outstanding excellent tourist cities in China, Zhaoqing was famous for its abundant tourist resources including Xinghu Lake, Small Three Gorges of Xijiang River, Panlong Gorge in Deqing County, and Xinghu Lake Scenic Area is the most renowned of those all. Yi Qizhi, the chief of Marketing Development Department of Zhaogqing Tourism Administration, stated that the greenway around the Xinghu Scenic Area is the most beautiful one in China. The 2018 Guangdong Provincal Sport Games will be held in Zhaoqing, so this cycling event, calling on green and environmental protection, is kind of warming up for it.

对于此次活动的冠名赞助商—–敏捷地产而言,这已经是第二次在肇庆发起健康生活运动。2014年,敏捷地产携手青奥会百米冠军、肇庆市“创文”宣传大使梁小静,向公众发起了名为“创文一起来 肇庆更精彩” 暨“敏捷文明登”的七星岩登山活动,来自肇庆市及各地的1200多名环保登山爱好者热情参与,以自己的实际行动呼吁人们注重健康环保。

It is the second time for the sponsor, Nimble Real Estate, to initiate healthy living event in Zhaoqing. Nimble and Liang Xiaojing, the champion of 100m race in Youth Olympic Games as well as the Creating Civilized City Promotion Ambassador of Zhaoqing, together launched an activity of climbing Seven Star Crags in 2014. That activity attracted over 1200 mountaineering fans from Zhaoqing and other cities, appealing for a healthy and eco-friendly living with practical action.

敏捷地产总裁谭炳照表示:敏捷地产始终秉承“筑梦想家园 让生活更美好”的品牌理念,不仅为人们筑造精品的房子,更是以有情怀的城市生活家角色向人们倡导积极健康的生活理念。肇庆是著名的旅游文化名城,敏捷地产深耕肇庆10年,一直致力于向肇庆市民带来精品项目,未来敏捷地产将通过更多的方式与消费者共同打造品质生活,以肇庆•敏捷城和敏捷•西城都荟为标杆,为肇庆居民带来“宜居宜商宜业”的美好环境。

Tan Bingzhao, the president of Nimble, stated that Nimble Real Estate has always been persisting to the concept of “Build a Dream Home, Make a Better Life”. We will not only build quality homes but also advocate a positive and healthy living concept as the role of urban life specialist. Nimble has developed for 10 years in Zhaoqing, one of a famous tourism and cultural city, committing to provide quality developments for citizen of Zhaoqing. In the future, Nimble will work with buyers to create quality life through different ways and will create environment that is suitable for living, business and investment for Zhaoqing citizen based on the standard of Zhaoqing Minjie City and Nimble Western City Center.

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