Nimble Property Management Keep Delivering High-Quality Safety Service to Owners 品质提升服务 敏捷地产旗下物业为业主保驾护航


Nowadays, with more and more high-rise residential buildings are built to adorn the cities and enhance the living quality of people, the operation issues of elevators are vital to the security of person and properties. Nimble has always kept providing high quality properties service as its objectives, aiming to create a safe and comfortable residence for owners. Recently, Nimble Rhine Garden had carried out an emergency drill in order to improve the professional skills of the property management staff in dealing with the emergency and keep the owner safe.


The drill was held with the following sequences: A resident, who was played by a property management staff, trapped in the elevator and pressed alarm button immediately to contact the property management personnel in the monitoring room. The property management personnel told him to keep calm and positioned his location. At the same time, they notified the engineering department and the elevator maintenance provider to arrange the emergency repairing immediately. Then, the property management personnel set the guard railing and arrange the evacuation exit, and the elevator maintenance provider firstly shut the master switch of the elevator once they arrived to avoid any further accidents happens in rescuing due to sudden power restoration. In the meantime, property management staff has kept talking with the trapped person through the emergency alarm device and has been keeping eyes on his mental and physical status. Soon, the elevator door was opened, and the trapped person was rescued.


Elevator is kind of special equipment that are commonly used by the public, the management and maintenance of which has no tolerance for error. The property management of Nimble conducts regular elevator emergency drills to make sure all the service staffs are equipped with rescue skills and familiar with operation procedures, so as to provide security for owners’ life and properties.


To be the guardian of homes is the basic requirement of property management, while quality service is the direct representation of property management spirit. “Build a Dream Home, Make a Better Life” is the company philosophy of Nimble Real Estate as well as the service objective of Nimble Property Management. In order to create a more beautiful and pleasant living environment for residents, Nimble Property Management launched a large community service event called “Love My Home”, of which, repair small home appliances and door lock for owners free of charge, free haircuts, free water delivery service were included. The Property Management also held outdoor film showing during the weekends to enrich the spiritual and cultural life of owners as well. Many owners said that it’s their fortune to live in the community developed by Nimble. Mr. Tan Bingzhao, the president of Nimble, stated that property management service details determine the success or failure of the developments. Only listen to the voice of owners and upgrade the service quality can Nimble really build a dream home for owners.

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