“The Light of Music”, the Leader of Art Early Education of Visually Impaired Children in China

Children are the hope of the family, the future of the motherland, so, high-quality enlightenment education plays a quite significant role in each child’s growth and talent. With the development of the times, education has been paid more and more attention by the governments and the public. In particular, the 80s and 90s parents generally have a high degree of education, who pay great attention to the diversified development and education of their children and help them to develop in an all-round way.

In China, each city has art education institutions for ordinary preschool children, but there are few art early education institutions for the special group as visually impaired children, almost no authoritative or professional institutions. Visually impaired children have poor visual acuity due to congenital or acquired factors, whose situations are very special, so that its early education investment is quite high and the education is also quite tough. Only the authoritative professional institutions aiming for visually impaired children can undertake the important task of their early education.

“The Light of Music” Visually Impaired Children’s Art Early Education Center, whose predecessor is “The Light of Music” Volunteer Service Center, is the leader of early childhood education for the visually impaired children in China, and has a wealth of experience in their early childhood education. As a loving education organization, the Light of Music aims for the special group as visually impaired children to carry out art education, help them to learn a professional skill, improve their viability and social adaptability, help them better integrate into society, successfully become talents and reduce the burden of family and society. After years of rapid and steady development, the Light of Music has accumulated a wealth of art education experience for special children and summarized a unique art curriculum system. After the operating over the past few years, it has received a lot of attention from government departments at all levels and the news media, obtained extensive attention and praise, as well as high praise from all sectors of society.

Now, the Light of Music transforms into loving art early education brand for the visually impaired children to help more special children in need, combined with public-interest special education, children’s art education, education research, education training, educational product development. It implements full-time system, full-time nursery worry-free system for the 3-7-year-old preschool children. With the educational philosophy of “moral education first”, it carries out music, handwork and other art education courses, braille, English, Chinese and other basic courses, recruiting 3-7-year-old visually impaired children nationwide. The professional Light of Music education team has outstanding teachers with a wealth of experience in education, who sum up training program only for the visually impaired children, to help them receive high-quality and comprehensive art education the same as normal children in the same age before school through years of professional education system, and lay a solid foundation for their future development.

Since its establishment, the Light of Music team always adheres to the original intention as “cohering love, to help visually impaired children to change their lives through art education”. In the future, the Light of Music will continue to focus on early childhood education, become the leader in art early education industry for visually impaired children in China, bring more hope for the visually impaired family, train more talent for China with a professional team!

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