Treasure Coast MakerSpace – A creative hub for students and adults alike

MakerSpaces are becoming increasingly popular across America – an amazing way to bring culture, creativity, and inspiration to local communities all over America, fostering the development of children and adults alike.

The Internet has afforded creative people the amazing opportunity to interact with one another, collaborate and support each other’s works, regardless of their background. Treasure Coast MakerSpace is a community at the helm of the “Maker Movement,” which is currently taking the States by storm, with contributions from creatives and makers of all walks of life!

A MakerSpace is a welcoming environment in which people can share their interests, skills, and passions, working on projects together, taking advantage of available equipment to bring their visions to life and truly make something happen! Think DIY, but not just for your own backyard…for the whole community!

The final goal of the community is to keep expanding and welcome new member, eventually hoping to become a self-sustained maker community entirely supported by our members’ involvement in this initiative!

Local Makerspaces and HackerSpaces are growing increasingly popular across the nation, beautifully enriching the social and cultural status of their home communities.

The Treasure Coast Maker space founders finally turned to Kickstarter to fuel the progress of their vision, turning to the general public to seek pledges and donations to revitalize the MakerSpace in the Treasure Coast Community.

The project’s vision is simple: inspiring, empowering and motivating children and adults alike to make art and get creative!

The physical space and equipment needed to run the project require significant investments and the group relies on generous donations from local and national institutions.


We believe in providing creativity and opportunity to people in the Treasure Coast: help us make our vision come to life and become a backer of this driven community project!


Visit the Kickstarter campaign page

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