New Body Brush from New Body Essentials Helps Treat Cellulite

Seattle, WA – There’s nothing better than feeling pampered and taken care of at a spa for a relaxing day of beauty. But who has the time or money to schedule and pay for lengthy spa sessions as often as one needs that sort of attention? Luckily, with the up and coming brand New Body Essentials, people can have that luxurious spa day experience from the comfort of their own homes on their own time. With extremely affordable prices and new game-changing products being added to their online store all the time, this young company has big plans to take self-care and at home pampering to the next level.

Not only does New Body Essentials want to give customers a luxurious experience, but they also believe in the power of pampering as a wellness tool. On their website—and their online store which is currently run through Amazon—this hip company features a new body brush that is proven to help reduce the appearance of cellulite when used routinely. Gently scrubbing skin with a bath brush like this one can help heal the body by reducing toxins that gradually build up in the lymph nodes. Regularly using the brush is also a great way to exfoliate, keeping your skin looking young and vibrant and feeling incredibly soft.

All of the products made by New Body Essentials have convenience in mind as well as luxury. For instance, some of their body brushes feature long handles with comfortable grips to make it simpler to care for hard-to-reach skin. All brushes are made with natural boar bristles, which are high-quality body and hair-care materials used in the luxury beauty industry. These products also feature changeable or dual heads with varying bristle strengths, so customers can cater their bath brush experience to their specific skin sensitivity. Their product line-up doesn’t stop there either, as New Body Essentials offers other items such as electric foot filers that are transportable and a great way to soften your heels and pamper oneself from anywhere.

With most products falling between the $10 to $25 price range, it has never been more affordable to keep professional grade bath equipment in an at-home beauty and health kit. There are even regular discounts featured on their Amazon store, giving customers even more savings and reasons to give their products a whirl. Plus, this company offers a year-long guarantee on all their products, showing the world that New Body Essentials is strongly committed to the quality of the luxurious body care experience.

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