Football Fans Now Have Science on their Side Thanks to Popular European Service

Stockholm – A venture is always a risk. The best chances are had when the right information is carefully analyzed and proper statistics are built to steadily increase confidence levels for the outcome of a match, season, or team. With so many football teams out there, it can be hard for one person to watch every game to carefully collect, analyze, and ultimately utilize that information in a productive way.

Dedicated fans of every sport have long had the tradition of staking something on races, all while using their experience and knowledge to give them the upper hand. It has only been in the last several years that professional sports analysts have emerged to share their expert knowledge and insight with the fans. Since 2012, PayForTips has been carefully analyzing football statistics and sharing that highly sought-after information with eager fans.

PayForTips is one of the first companies in Europe to offer online services to fans of all teams and all countries. Whether fans are following a particular team or player, online services like these can be a one-stop-shop for fans to potentially earn some extra income and have some fun. Typically, they will have to weed through hundreds of players and teams to understand their future actions. In most cases, fans do not take it upon themselves to organize any of this information in a helpful way.

Professional sports analysis companies have experienced personnel who actively gather and analyze real-time information. This information is then put into comprehensively indexed matrices which allow them to provide fans with the most up-to-date statistics on players and teams, proving to be a scientific and meticulously calibrated endeavor.

Fans looking to place a stake on games or player’s stats also run into the snag of having a slight bias. Sometimes fans will place a larger amount of money on poorly analyzed statistics because it confirms their biases. In short, when this is the case, it is wise to seek the assistance of objective and professional analysts instead of putting faith into unanalytical information.

These sports analysis companies base all their confidence on comprehensive data and not just the few games they may have watched over the season. Fans looking for safer options when it comes to their favorite football teams should consider purchasing advice from expert analysts like those at

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