Deep Cleanse – Houses Get Revamped with Latest in Carpet Cleaning Technology

Norwich – It’s not often that the carpet cleaning industry stirs up the dust in headline news, but there’s one carpet cleaning company in Norwich that is doing just that. Connoisseur Carpet Care, a reputable and firmly established business that handles carpet cleaning in Norwich, is surprising both regular customers and new with their latest in carpet cleaning technology.

Carpet cleaning is a service many people do not consider when spring cleaning, or really any deep cleaning is necessary. Indeed, many people seem to turn to carpet cleaning only when moving residences, but it’s an overlooked service that should take more precedence in people’s lives. Carpets are collectors of dirt and dust. From people’s shoes, pets, fallen crumbs, and spilled beverages, even the most beautiful of carpets might be home to a colony of germs.

While vacuum cleaners might do the job of cleaning up every day messes, they cannot accomplish the deep cleaning necessary to rid a residence of years of filth and build-up. Portable carpet cleaners might provide more of a wash, but these only go so deep. For a truly deep cleanse for the home, one needs turn to professional carpet care services.

Connoisseur Carpet Care,, is a long-established and well-regarded professional carpet cleaning business. A carpet cleaning Norwich company, Connoisseur has been earning their esteemed reputation for over thirty years. With proven deep cleaning services in sectors from domestic and commercial carpet care to hard floor cleaning, it is easy to see why they have hundreds of customers who keep returning for their special cleaning touch.

The newest technology that Connoisseur Carpet Care utilizes has stain-removing capabilities that can peel away years of dirt and make a carpet look nearly new. A carpet that one had long believed to be grey can be restored to a fresh, lily-white. Old, musty carpets or antique rugs can gain a new life with the expert services from Connoisseur Carpet Care. In addition to stain removal, the company specializes in odour removal, fabric and upholstery cleaning and protection, and restoration of items damaged by flood or smoke.

With modern technology, old carpets and rugs can be restored and given the deep and proper cleaning they deserve with professional services from Connoisseur Carpet Care.

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