The Handy Orten App is the Newest Free Smartphone Tracker

Berlin, Germany – The Handy Orten App is a new smartphone tracking service that can locate any phone anywhere in the world for free. By going on to, those looking for their own device or someone else’s can find it instantly. The new app is available for use on both mobile and computer devices.

Smartphones are expensive and often contain personal information, so it’s incredibly stressful when one is lost or stolen. Plenty of smartphone tracking services exist, but they’re either expensive or inaccurate. In the worst-case scenario, a person may finally give up the search and purchase a new one, needlessly losing hundreds of dollars.

The Handy Orten App is giving smartphone users peace of mind with their free tracking services. With just a phone number, the app’s advanced satellite technology can track any phone of any type, including iPhones, Androids, and Windows phones, and on nearly any network. And because it’s completely free to use, there aren’t any surprise costs or fees, which sets the Handy Orten App apart from most other tracking services on the web.

Parents often need a way to track their kid’s location to make sure they arrive at school and return home safely. Employers often need a way to track their employees’ phones to make sure that they’re clocking in on time and not making any detours with the company car. Luckily for them, the Handy Orten App isn’t just for tracking a personal smartphone. It can be used to track the phones of others as well, making life easier for worried parents and well-organized bosses.

With today’s satellite technology, smartphones can be found with just a simple number. The process is safe, legal, fast and free, all of which are essential to a good phone tracking app. Despite still being fairly new, the Handy Orten Appalready has hundreds of users at any given moment. While the site owners are excited by its growing popularity, they are not seeking to make a profit of any kind. 

Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a brand-new smartphone, it’s finally possible for those with stolen or misplaced devices to find them for free using the Handy Orten App. Those worried about losing their smartphone in the future or those whoneed to keep track of their children or employees can use the visit to use their satellite tracking services.

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