New Home Guide Helps Homeowners Find the Best Products

San Francisco, California – Picking the best product amongst a sea of brands can be a challenge. Cleaning supplies, vacuums, paints, furniture, bedding—having so many options to choose from can make the selection process near impossible. Without the help of a clear, definitive ranking of these products based on product attributes, pros, and cons, picking one from the masses is difficult. Thankfully, Miniwick is working to offer the best product reviews and rankings of the top home products to help every homeowner pick the best products for their needs.

The Miniwick ranking system is clear, fair, and unbiased. This company helps homeowners find the top home products available on the market, for example, the best vacuum for hard wood floor Their articles begin with a clear introduction of the product category and the groups of people who may best benefit from it. For example, their article on the Top 3+ Best Pet Vacuums establishes the best vacuum for pet hair,, and helps pet owners who struggle with clean-up or are sensitive to their furry baby’s hair. The article then goes into the specifications of the products they selected. Products are ranked on design, value, and performance. The complete buying guide at the end will answer commonly asked questions about the product.

This new group also offers clear and unbiased product reviews. The features of the product are listed and explained, then they answer a deceivingly complicated question: “is this product worth buying?” Once that’s answered, the review team will give the product an overall rating out of ten and ratings out of ten for design, value, and performance. After pros and cons, the product is given a final verdict. Their reviews are given in straightforward terms without the confusing language of other review websites.

Anyone who’s tired of drowning in the sea of brands and features should give Miniwick a try. Miniwick is working hard to become the best home guide available. This San Francisco start up is clearly dedicated to giving readers the full scoop on each product they review, good and bad. These guides help homeowners apply the specifications of their lives and needs in a product to assess which is best for them. Gone are the days of blankly staring down an aisle of identical but confusingly different products; with Miniwick, every homeowner can gain clarity on finding the best product for them in a quick and easy way.

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