Prepare for a Potential Nuclear Attack with Survival Seeds, HAGA Advises

“Guarantee your food supply in the event of a nuclear disaster!”
Home and Garden America reveals how a survival kit equipped with survival seeds can be very advantageous in a disaster situation.

Carson City, NV – Septermber 11, 2017 – These past few weeks, many people have been purchasing survival supplies to prepare themselves for an impending disaster. This sudden interest in survival preparedness is triggered by the escalating tensions between the U.S. and North Korea. Most folks used to just brush off North Korean threats but now that a nuclear attack seems highly plausible, many want to secure themselves with a reliable survival kit in case the unexpected happens.

Home and Garden America, a long-time advocate for survival preparedness, has been advising people to really think about their survival supplies. Aside from the usual fire starter, multi-tool, first aid items, non-perishable food and clean water supply, the company stresses the importance of having some survival seeds on hand.

“A proper survival kit must always include survival seeds. They are extremely vital for your long-term food supply,” a HAGA official said. “Remember that it will be tough to secure food during and after a disaster, especially when it’s as catastrophic as a nuclear attack. At times like this, it’s always handy to have some seeds so you can easily grow your own food.”

In a survival crisis, planting fast-growing vegetables like bush beans, carrots, kale, lettuce, peas, radish, spinach and other leafy greens is highly recommended. These plants are easy to grow and harvest, and will provide valuable and nutritious food for the entire family.

Survival seeds are also considered to be a wise investment since they can last for decades. They can guarantee a family’s food supply but the HAGA official says that people should not simply wait for a disaster to befall before using the seeds.

“Survival seeds aren’t just produced for survival purposes; they can be utilized for home gardening too, and there’s no better time than now to grow an organic vegetable garden. Taking up gardening is very beneficial because you can save money and feed your loved ones with healthy vegetables all throughout the year. It’s also good practice so that when a disaster actually does occur, you’ll already have a good source of fresh produce and you know exactly how to grow them again for your survival needs,” remarked the official.

For those who are worried consuming their seed supply, the HAGA official’s advice is to simply save the best seeds from the harvested crops. “This will give you an unlimited supply of survival seeds. Do this and you’ll always have a fresh stock of seeds and you won’t have to buy new packets each year.”

Disasters are always bound to happen, whether they are natural like a hurricane, or man-made like a nuclear attack. It’s impossible to predict when another catastrophe will strike, but being prepared can go a long way. Further information about survival seeds can be found at the Home and Garden America website.

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Home and Garden America is the gardening division of the Charles C Harmon Co LLC. The non-gmo company supplies heirloom survival seeds to help people prepare for impending disasters.

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