ICOBox And DSPlus Join Forces to Launch “People’s Crypto Money”

SINGAPORE – 12 Sep, 2017 – ICOBox, a provider of SaaS-based fixed-price services for ICOs, and DSPLus, a provider of blockchain-based incentive marketing solutions, are launching the sale of First PlusCoin token today.

Headquartered in the heart of Siberia – Irkutsk, Russia, – home to one of world’s largest cryptomines and a vibrant blockchain community, DSPlus is a rapidly growing provider of incentive marketing solutions in Russia and the near abroad. To date, DSPlus has over 1,500 corporate accounts (companies using DSPlus to offer incentives), including such international brands as Adidas, Booking.com, Burger King, Lego, McDonald’s, and Reebok, as well as dozens of Russian businesses, including nation’s largest supermarkets and consumer electronics chains, and wireless providers.

“PlusCoin gives ICOBox a unique opportunity to help international brands open a new chapter in incentive marketing by marrying blockchain and traditional brick and mortar business promotion,” said Mike Raitsyn, ICOBox CEO and co-founder. “ICOBox is thrilled to help DSPlus direct its explosive growth across international markets.”

Relying on ICOBox’s marketing help, DSPlus is expanding its thriving business further onto blockchain platform, enabling more end users in more countries not only to purchase services from a growing list of participating vendors via accrued PlusCoins, but to accrue PlusCoin tokens that could be then exchanged into fiat currencies.

“With PlusCoin, we have created a cryptocurrency that is changing the face of  incentive marketing,” said Mikhail Mikhailov, DSPlus CEO. “Instead of having a stack of incentive cards with useless points you could use PlusCoin to go to the store and buy a loaf of bread. All you need is your phone and our app.”

An established business before ICO was contemplated, with 115,000 users and 21 million PlusCoins in circulation, DSPlus plans to use the funds it collects via its ICO both to scale the business past the 13 offices across Russia it currently has, and to launch a number of new products. One such product, aimed at potential financial services partners, is launching a financial scoring system so that PlusCoin token holders could get a credit rating within PlusCoin ecosystem, and consequently become credit-worthy. Another is setting up a peer-to-peer marketplace, where users would be able to trade products and use PlusCoin to purchase products from DSPlus partners as well as convert tokens to fiat currencies.

First PlusCoin (FPC) ICO starts Sept. 10. at 17-00 UTC. A single FPC is priced at $10 or 3,300 PlusCoins, with token price rising as the 60-day-long ICO gathers steam. For more information visit: pluscpoin.io

About ICOBox

Founded in 2017, ICOBox offers fixed-price services to projects seeking to sell their products and services via ICOs. As part of its solution ICOBox provides technical, legal and marketing services. ICOBox was founded by three blockchain visionaries: Nick Evdokimov, a co-founder of SeoPult, an ex-CEO of AdInTop and Cryptonomos CEO and co-founder, Mike Raitsyn, a serial entrepreneur, and Anar Babaev, Head of Digital Marketing at Cryptonomos.

Details on ICOBox can be found at www.icobox.io.

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