Timeshare Owners Hurricane Special Assessment Advisory

Owners of timeshare properties are subject to ironclad contracts and increasing fees

ATLANTA, GA – 12 Sep, 2017 – Hurricane season 2017 is predicted to be one of the most expensive hurricane season on record costing timeshare owners untold millions of dollars in special assessments fees and added taxes. Oasis Exit Solutions is proud to announce the solution that over 10 million timeshare owners have been searching for, a way out.

At Oasis Exit Solutions, we have developed proven methods that allow owners of unwanted/unused timeshare properties to either re-deed or cancel their timeshare contracts altogether thus ending the never ending cycle of rising maintenance fees, special assessments, and worthless mortgage payments. In many cases, our clients have been granted full refunds from their respective resort companies due to fraud, negligent misrepresentation and violations of the Vacation Ownership and Timeshare act of 2004 committed during the sales process. If you are either; (A) a US citizen – or – (B) own a timeshare in the United States, you qualify for our service.

Here at Oasis Exit Solutions we have helped thousands of consumers who have been duped into buying worthless vacation ownership/timeshare properties. Are methods are 100% guaranteed. Our services include but are not limited to:

* Mortgage cancellation services

* Contract cancellation services

* Re-deeding services

* Credit protection and cleaning services

“This is a legitimate company, I was scammed by two other companies and Oasis Exit Solutions was my last hope before I gave up. Sarah and Miranda held my hand and not only got rid of my timeshare but also took them off of my credit report. I was denied credit and could not buy a home. Thank God for them two and Oasis. If you lean on them and follow up with the paperwork they ask for it is true they guarantee to get rid of your timeshare.” – Javier & Selma L.

As timeshare owners, Maintenance Fees and Special Assessments are a guaranteed side affect of timeshare ownership. This 2017 hurricane season is turning out to be one of the most costly ever recorded. If you even considering cancelling you timeshare, do so now before your resort assesses your HOA to cover the cost of repairs and upgrades due to wind, water or fire damage. Timeshare owners who have resort properties located in disaster areas can find the assistance they need by contacting Oasis Exit Solutions. Oasis Exit Solutions is here to put an end to timeshare scams and help those consumers who desire an affordable way out of their obligation without any strings attached.

Follow this link to find out if your resort has been assessed additional fees: http://www.specialassessmentwatch.com

“I am amazingly impressed although I was NOT at first…ONLY because we had been screwed by those freakin’ Time Share people in Las Vegas!!! I took my time to find someone to assist and read reviews about them and I felt really good about them, PLUS, there was a money back guarantee benefit as well as they worked with us on payment arrangements. They really go into their job and did/do it well. We started our dispute with the Time Share in Aug 2015 and they had it resolved by April 2016, which was our 1yr we would’ve had the Time Share. WE PAID NOTHING TO THE TIME SHARE AT ALL, despite of the threatening and scary letters and other tactics. What a relief and how AMAZING, friendly and extremely professional they all are. Got it off my credit in less than a month!” – Rebekah & Carlos C.

About Oasis Exit Solutions:

We are a hard-working timeshare consulting company based in Atlanta, Georgia. We recognize there are serious problems in today’s timeshare industry that do not address your financial concerns and vacation needs, to the point that it just doesn’t make sense to continue to own and maintain your timeshare. We are dedicated to helping current timeshare owners get rid of their timeshare(s); stop the increasing maintenance fees, taxes, and special assessments. We are dedicated to helping our clients with many different options. We have a proven program with personalized solutions for everything from timeshare liquidations, timeshare management services, timeshare education, and timeshare contract cancellation.

For more information, visit: OasisExitSolutions.com

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