NYC Hip Hop Jewelers Launches Line Of Men’s Wedding Bands

A popular hip hop jewelers in NYC is introducing a brand new exciting and stylish product line that is sure to interest new customers. Frost NYC is proud to announce that they are now selling a wide range of different wedding bands for men. They aim to add a fresh new style and look to the men’s wedding band market, for hip hop lovers everywhere.

For weddings, the focus is often on the ring for the women, and it is typically focused on the engagement ring. Frost NYC have ignored that trend and are offering wedding bands for men with stunning, stylish designs. Rather than being plain, these bands have bold, bright styles and often include diamonds of their own. This makes them the perfect choice for men who want the ring they wear for the rest of their life to be a little more special and extravagant. With a style that fits beautifully into hip hop culture, these rings will be are a stunning way to declare love and commitment.

The rings will fit into a wide range of budgets as they can be purchased in 14k, 18k and for those who want to spend a little more, platinum metals. As such, buyers have a wide range of options when choosing their ring and finding the right price. Frost NYC hope that this will help them reach a large percentage of the market, offering all men the chance to have the perfect wedding ring when they say I do.

Frost NYC Jewelers has been on the market for thirty years and are one of the top hip hop jewelers in NYC with an incredible selection of products. Their unique designs and bold choices, separate them from the rest providing customers with the ultimate bling for any occasion. When the business began, they catered exclusively to hip hop lovers in NYC. Now, the company sells online to clients and customers all over the world. Anyone who wants to add a little more glitz and sparkle to their jewelry collection can shop from Frost NYC.

The company even has a wide range of celebrity customers including Travis Scott, Cee-lo Green and John Wall. When customers shop from Frost NYC, they can be assured they are buying quality products that even the celebs love.

The new product lineup is sure to be popular with new and old customers alike. Frost NYC hope that hip hop lovers and all couples planning their wedding will be attracted to the possibility of getting a unique style for their wedding bands. The jewelers is keen to offer men getting married something more with a beautiful, elegantly designed ring that they will cherish and hold forever. They believe it will be the perfect way for couples to add a little more bling to their wedding proceedings.

Anyone interested in viewing the new line of men’s wedding rings can see them on the company website. Alternatively, the jewelers can be contacted directly with the information provided below.

Media Contact
Company Name: Frost NYC
Contact Person: Arthur Llyev
Phone: 888-485-1061
Country: United States