Jeremy Haynes Continues to Inspire The next Generation of Entrepreneurs & Digital Marketers by Leading The Way

His Ex-Employer Grant Cardone Continues to Bash Him on YouTube, But Jeremy is Beating All The Odds to Become an Inspiration For The Millions

September 12, 2017 – Seasoned digital marketing expert Jeremy Haynes has beaten all the odds and started his digital marketing ventures Megalodon Marketing and Digital Marketing Manuscript (DMM). Jeremy is an inspiring entrepreneur and his old boss Grant Cardone took it way too far in criticizing him and publicly telling him that he will fail. Grant is a motivational speaker and sales trainer worth $750M who decided Saturday afternoon to leave a very negative comment about Jeremy.

“Grant is my old boss and he started bashing and harassing me on one of my YouTube videos about quitting my job almost two years ago,” said Jeremy regarding the recent videos of Grant against him. “Even though Grant Cardone is a success icon, I can see truth in his perspective. For me I’m just story telling about my life, for him I’m putting him in awkward staff, client and reputation situations from articulating my viewpoints at scale now.” he added. According to Jeremy, the video had 174 views when he commented on a Saturday afternoon as Jeremy was hosting his quarterly Internet Earners Summit.

In addition, Jeremy’s old boss was publicly shown having an emotional response twice on social media while the followers of both parties took notice and sided with Jeremy. However, Jeremy is all about positivity as well as determination and the entrepreneur has inspired many other millennials to take an initiative and find their own path in the industry. Jeremy did leave the organization with his old boss’s consent, but as soon as he started to succeed in his new ventures, Grant started to show his true colors fueled by jealousy and hatred stemming from no ability to monetize off an ex employee speaking about a previous job once held.

“I want to focus on positivity and express I’ve shown nothing but respect and love towards him and his brand, and express to other millennial’s getting taken advantage of and paid less than what they are actually worth as employees that it’s time to become an entrepreneur.” said Jeremy while talking about his previous job. Jeremy is now only making a name for himself in the world of digital marketing, but is also showing the way to other budding entrepreneurs who want to make it in this industry.

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