Freight Quote Launches YouTube Channel

“Aussie businesses can broadly be placed into 2 categories – those who regularly transport goods as an ordinary part of their business, and those who require a courier quote on a more ad-hoc basis.”
Australian freight broker business Freight Quote (Australia) recently launched a YouTube channel, and its first promotional video. The company plans to post more videos in the future, with a focus on helping customers who are unfamiliar with how freight works.

Australian businesses can broadly be placed into two categories.

  1. Businesses who transport goods regularly (typically wholesalers and retailers), and will generally have an established account with a local transport company
  2. Businesses who only require packages, bulky items or pallets moved on an ad-basis. These will typically require a customised quote for each consignment.

Many of Freight Quote’s customers fall into the latter category, and customer service staff are used to stepping their own customers through the road transport process.

“It’s a bit more involved than a lot of people think” – Matthew Roberts explains. “In particular with regards to preparing goods for transport, and an understanding of factors which can impact on delivery times – these are unfamiliar areas for many customers.”

Matthew went on to list a couple of the key challenges that their business faces when organising deliveries for people who don’t regularly require a courier quote.

“For long haul deliveries, one of the main things which we stress to the customer is that their consignment will almost certainly be unloaded and reloaded one or several times during the transport process. This reinforces the need for proper and secure packaging of the pallets or other goods being transported. No transport depot wants to deal with a pallet load of goods which is unravelling as it comes off the truck. In fact, some depots may even refuse to reload the consignment if’s it’s not adequately packed and protected from damage to itself or other freight.”

Also on the list of potential challenges, was customers insisting on a very narrow time window delivery. Mr Roberts smiled and shook his head. “With some of the delivery times requested, you’d think the goods were getting picked up and delivered by helicopter! But mostly when we explain how it works to our customers, they’re very understanding.”

Freight Quote have specialised themselves in the transportation of bulky goods, including palletised freight and shipping containers.

We wrapped up our interview by asking Matthew what advice he would give to a customer needing a courier quote. “Visit our website, or pick up the phone and call Freight Quote!” he replied. “We have established accounts with the biggest road transport companies in Australia.”

About Freight Quote (Australia)

Freight Quote is a Sydney based freight brokerage company. They specialise in Australia-wide bulky items transport services for businesses and individuals. For more information regarding bulky goods transport or to obtain a freight quote, visit their website.

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