Bookira uses blockchain technology to ease online booking process

Bookira announces Initial Coin Offer for BKT tokens, using blockchain technology to solve online booking issues by creating an incentivized, distributed platform

Bookira has recently made history becoming the first online booking platform that leverages the power of blockchain technology to making online booking of tickets easier, safer and more secure. Bookira has announced the start of its initial coin offer – ICO, with the aim of using blockchain technology based on ETH to make online booking process, which includes travel and film easier.

The primary objective of the initiative is to solve the inherent problems in the ticketing and travel industry resulting from the expansion of industry. The goal is to ensure online booking process is seamless while reducing the costs and risk for users.

Bookira hopes to create a safer and easier online booking experience with the introduction of the Bookira token (BKT), a decentralized cryptocurrency that uses blockchain technology. Crypto currency has emerged to become not just a safe method of payment, but a somewhat store of value and BKT is following the trend and taking it to a whole new level.

BKT is not controlled by any third-party agencies or central authorities and can be used in all online booking services including hotel accommodations, flights, transportation, cinemas, travel tours and additional travel services.

BKT helps travelers and tourists avoid common problems like high costs, double spending while making online bookings, double bookings, and the difficulty experienced while looking for a secure travel and vacation deals.

Bookira is looking to partner with heavyweights in the traveling and touring industry like The Priceline Group, Odeon Cinemas Group,,, and Rail Europe amongst others.

In addition to being an effective solution to the many challenges of the online travel and ticketing industry, BKT tokens also serve as a source of financial reward for users. This is so as BKT token can be kept to receive dividends at the end of the year, with 25% of the distributable profit of Bookira transferred to the Ethereum (ETH) wallet containing the Smart Contract. The ETH is subsequently redistributed proportionately to all holders of Bookira tokens.

After the ICO, holders of the tokens can also sell on the market to receive immediate profit, as tokens will be released on the Ethereum (ERC20) blockchain, and will be available for transfers and trading almost immediately after the ICO.

Bookira is also planning to launch a mobile app on Google Play and Apple Store to ensure that users and holders can make bookings and profit from the innovation on-the-go.

About Bookira

Bookira is an innovative technology-driven solution to the expanding online travel and ticketing industry. The CEO, Michael Siegel, co-founded Bookira with Richard G Brown, Bookira hopes to solve the many problems of the industry with the introduction of BKT Tokens, driven by blockchain technology.

The ICO for Bookira tokens is scheduled in a few months, revolutionizing the industry and allow tourists and travelers to have a safer and easier online booking experience.

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