Blockchain Technology Launches a Crowdfunding Campaign to Assist their Districts Project

September 12th, 2017 – Blockchain Technology, LLC is set to launch a crowdfuding campaign on 1st November, 2017. The campaign is meant to raise fund for their project called Districts.

While making the announcement, the company representative said that the 3DCoin block chain Test has been successful and is now on track. “We are in the process of launching the ICO,” said the representative.

The crowd funding campaign seeks to raise funds to help boost the project progress. The company intends to use part of the funds to recruit more developers, move to a bigger office, get the necessary hardware, finance the advertising campaign as well as pay for the legal fees and the program licenses.

The crowd funding campaign is set to last one month, but according to the company spokesperson, if the target is met soon it can end earlier even before the month of December.

3DCOIN is a peer to peer block chain based platform which allows the users to manage their business by programming transactions to fulfill any contract without using a third party or a trusted escrow.  It seeks to revolutionize money as it is known today.

Blockchain Technology, LLC believes that the crypto currency is gravely underutilized, with a great potential of the block chain technology still untapped. The company founders say that they are bound by the commitment to deliver perfect product and that is why the ambitious team has strived to offer the mankind with an open source platform that will help in bringing dreams to life.

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