The Black Sheep Launches Raucous, College-Oriented Podcast: Booze Before Noon

A new and irreverently hilarious podcast, Booze Before Noon is the show more and more podcast listeners are subscribing to everyday. Listen to Mike, and idiot-savant, and Brendan the evil genius argue hilarious topics like birds, the NFL and Helen Keller.

The three hosts are editors for the fastest-growing college media company in the United States, The Black Sheep, so despite no longer being in college, listeners will get great insight into what the #kids are talking about these days.

Booze Before Noon is a consistently funny podcast where listeners can just sit back and enjoy a fun, funny podcast for an hour without having to worry about all the otherwise-garbage things happening in today’s society. Once a week listeners can basically hang out with funny friends, and listen as the three hosts drink before noon on a workday and delve into random topics.

In addition, once a month, the trio hosts a Facebook Live power hour, where they take shots of beer every minute while arguing 60 topics. It’s a marathon, but definitely worth tuning into to see these two conquer a feat of drinking, arguing, and swag giveaways.

PLUS every week the show enlists great guests — like the co-founder of Podchaser (the “IMDB” of podcasts), and big Twitter personalities like @cool_as_heck and @murman to talk about the booming social media industry and what it’s like to be famous on Twitter. The show has also had several up and coming comedians on the show from the Second City program in Chicago, as well as music producers, college kids, and more.

Need of a podcast that’s irreverent, loose, and a little goofy? Look no further than Booze Before Noon. It’s a nice, lighthearted break from the heavy political or deep dive podcasts out there — one to listen to on the way to work for a few laughs and interesting guests.

About The Black Sheep:

The Black Sheep is national college satire and humor website written and run by college students at universities accross the nation. From NYU to UC Berkeley, The Black Sheep builds staffs of student writers to write weekly satirical and entertaining content – like if the Onion met Buzzfeed in college, then never graduated. The Black Sheep also plans and executes collegiate marketing campaigns to help national brands reach the college demo in ways no one else can, thanks to its unique relationship with students.

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