From Broken to Booming: A Single Mom’s Journey to Living A Life of Financial Freedom

Founder of Credit Solution Services, Tomeka Lynch Purcell.
Tomeka Lynch Purcell is a Finance Empowerment Coach, Credit Restoration Specialist, and Author whose company, Credit Solution Services demonstrates to Black women the secrets to financial and personal success.

Zoey Thompson, Features Editor

Charlotte, NC – Tomeka Lynch Purcell knows finances.  Not only does she have a degree in Financial Management, plus 16 years of real estate, asset and credit management behind her, she also has a personal rags-to-riches story that’s worth sharing. At age 17, she became a single mother. Her finances were dwindling, she had no savings, and her net worth (as she puts it) was “in the negative.” What she did have was worth far more than money: determination. Tomeka put herself to work, seeking out knowledge about budgeting, financial management, and investments. Today, she acquires a yearly income of six figures and is living the life she always dreamed of.  Tomeka now spends her days focusing on, what she considers the “forgotten” demographic: the black woman.

“I was talking to a friend who grew up in a wealthy household,” says Tomeka. “She learned about budgeting, finances, and was taught the importance of investing from birth. Her family had developed and imparted a culture of wealth. So many people today are missing that mindset. My goal is to help cultivate these incredible minds that, I believe, just need that missing piece of know-how to build the wealth of their dreams.”

Tomeka is CEO and founder of Credit Solution Services, a financial management and consulting firm that caters to this overlooked demographic. Her Budget Babes Facebook group and C.A.S.H. Mentoring Program are designed to give women the resources and motivation they need to take the suitable steps to prosperity. She also offers specialized credit and debt management services where she provides a simple, personalized debt management plan that helps clients to review, address, and diminish debt. “I have been broke, in debt, and struggling to feed my children,” says Tomeka. “But now I have savings, a career I enjoy, and am able to help others. I just want people to know that if I can do it, so can they” and I can teach you how.

With these irons in the fire it seems impossible that she could be doing more, and yet this married mother of three is also a bestselling author who has just released her latest, a children’s book, titled Morgan Saves for College. Through this effort, Tomeka hopes to help youth better understand about savings and financial goals. In addition to her book release, Tomeka is also gearing up for her 2017 Free Your Mind Women’s Conference in Charlotte, North Carolina.  This event will feature speakers and personalities whose focus is to motivate and empower Black women into finding their story and voice.

How does she does she do it all? “I work a 30 hour day,” she jokes. This financial powerhouse is doing more than just pushing projects. She’s building a legacy of hard work, awareness and purpose. “My goals in life have always been more than just getting ahead. I’ve always wanted to help others climb that ladder with me. Whether it’s my coaching or my writing, my passion is building a path for others that will take their money and lifestyles where they need and want to go.” And she’s doing just that.

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