30 Year Old Singapore Car Scrapper Launches New Website

SINGAPORE – Ah Seng has been in the car scrapping business for over 30 years. His expertise in collecting parts, and scrapping and salvaging cars make him and his business, Seng Huat Motors Trading Pte Ltd, the most reliable in the region. After spending years in the business and building a customer base, Ah Seng and his business have launched a new website- ScrapVehicle.sg. This site gives customers a comprehensive and easy-to-navigate glimpse into what this Singapore scrap car company does best.

Seng Huat Motor Trading Pte Ltd has a simple yet effective system setup for their business, which is all clearly outlined on the first page of their website. They specialize in scrapping cars that no longer run to salvage still-functional auto parts that will be of benefit to other cars. This means that they will buy used cars for a reasonable price. The process to sell and scrap a car that is no longer functional is simple. All a customer has to do is call Seng, get a quote for their car, and drop it off. This process makes it easy for people looking to get the most out of their un-drivable car to make some money once their COE expires.

The company’s new website features a highly useful and easily navigable FAQ and blog pages. These are useful pages for those who are uncertain of or have questions about selling their old vehicle for scrap.  The FAQ page addresses any doubts that one might have about selling a car for scrap, and makes it so that customers can have a better knowledge of the process before they begin. The blog page is especially helpful, with Seng Huat offering customers information that is incredibly pertinent. They have detailed posts on subjects such as how to deregister a car and how to encash rebates.

In the modern day, it is important for a great business to have a great website, and with this new launch, Ah Seng has given his business just that. With a comprehensive, simple, and modern layout, and information that cuts straight to the point, customers will find the website to be both helpful and straightforward. Those looking to get rid of a scrap car in Singapore should look no further than Seng Huat Motor Trading Pte Ltd.

Media Contact
Company Name: Seng Huat Motors Trading Pte Ltd
Contact Person: Seng Huat
Email: admin@scrapvehicle.sg
Phone: (656) 844-2050
State: Singapore, 408934
Country: Singapore
Website: http://www.scrapvehicle.sg/