Red Tusk Launches KOBRA Flash Modifier on Kickstarter

Never Before Seen Flash Modifier System Launching on Kickstarter

Irvine, CA – The KOBRA Flash Modifier system was conceived by the photographer, Paul McKelvey from Vero Image, while photographing within the dark walls and ceilings of event spaces in Hollywood, California. Unsatisfied with the current stock of flash modifiers available to photographers, McKelvey needed a better solution. He decided to create a flash modifier system that would look good, pack away easy and carry the light forward with a built-in light controlling reflector. Thus, the phrase, “Paint with light, not spray,” was born. 

He envisioned a system that would grip onto his flash without the need of a noisy “hook & loop” system or heavy magnets. That system didn’t exist, so he constructed his first model prototype from a milk jug and quickly put his idea to paper. With his prototype in hand, he teamed up with Brian Hayes, a talented 3D Designer, whom he had worked with through a previous client.

Trial after trial and twenty-six 3D printed prototypes later, Hayes turned to McKelvey and said, “I have an idea for an attachment system that is going to blow your mind!” Hayes combined the colored gel holding band with the KOBRA Flash Modifier, creating a never before seen gripping system.

The team at Red Tusk believes this game changing flash modifier system will be a vital part of a photographers’ kit. Giving them the ability to control the light even when shooting in a dark room, or with natural light.

Visit the KOBRA Flash Modifier Kickstarter page link: to pre-order the system, and learn more about the product. The campaign runs from September 4 through October 3, 2017. Early bird and discount pricing is available to early backers.

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Red Tusk, LLC is a start-up design studio passionate about photography and efficient design. We are looking to make our mark with cutting edge designs and innovative thinking. With over 30 years in the photography industry and over 20 years in design and manufacturing, we strive to design products that fill a void and better the end users experience.

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