Certified machinery and equipment appraisers help locals appraise large pieces of equipment

Houston, TX – It can’t be overstated how important getting large pieces of equipment appraised is. Relying on the word of someone who is not certified or may have a hidden motive can result in an inaccurate value and it won’t hold up under scrutiny later on. Only equipment appraisers and machinery appraisers that are certified know the exact methodology of appraising and can properly use the guidelines to accurately determine the value. State Street Appraisals is an appraisal company in Houston that can appraise equipment after purchase.

State Street Appraisals is a company of certified machinery and equipment appraisers with over 20 years of experience in certified appraisals. They specialize in being machinery appraisers for small shops up to big companies that have multiple locations. All appraisals that they do comply with USPAP (Uniformed Standards of Professional Appraisal Practices) requirements, ethics, and methods. They seek to maximize the value of their client’s equipment. They manage negotiations, showings, buyer contacts, and advertising.

As a specialized equipment appraiser, they can handle appraisals for business owners, CPAs, attorneys, and lenders. They work a variety of appraisals too including appraisals for Fair Market Value, Orderly Liquidation Value, and Forced Liquidation Value. With adequate asset information, the certified machinery appraiser professionals at State Street Appraisals can meet any deadline their client sets. While based in Houston, they can help anyone who needs their services across the nation.

After purchasing a piece of equipment it’s extremely important to get the piece appraised. Getting it appraised by a machinery appraiser allows the owner to reset the fair market value, meaning they can claim depreciation on the item. Setting the fair market value also helps in getting insurance on the equipment which will cover what it’s worth if it gets damaged. Getting an equipment appraising to value a piece of equipment also allows the owner to determine when repairs on the item are more than just replacing it. Finally, businesses benefit when they have their equipment appraised and can give them an overall higher business value.

The benefits of getting certified machinery and equipment appraisers to value your items far outweigh any negatives. For those living in the Houston area, or anywhere in the United States, then consider State Street Appraisers for any appraisal needs.

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