Sunil Saxena Releasing New Mindset Book for Success

Sunil Saxena, M.D., announces the release of his new book, aimed at helping readers achieve their goals through the understanding of mindset.

Massive Action Equals Massive Results offers an alternative approach to peak performance. 

“I have a very unique and non-traditional life journey,” says Saxena. “Because of my diverse background I have a lot to say. I’m so excited that I am able to write down some of my life experiences and lessons learned in the hopes of helping even just one other person. For me it’s all about peak performance and helping others be the best version of themselves.”

Saxena is himself an example of this non-tradition.  After earning a medical degree at the age of 23 years old, he realized he is an entrepreneur at heart and has always pursued building companies even while practicing medicine. He has built six successful companies mostly in the real estate industry, and was a full-time professional actor based in New York City during his mid-20s.

He has taken this experience and his career to understand what allows individuals and organizations to achieve peak performance.  Massive Action Equals Massive Results draws on his work as an entrepreneur, doctor, and father of four, and shares real-world examples to show readers how to take massive action and create the massive success they want.

“More than ever now we have plenty of books and other resources talking about strategies to be successful in life,” says Saxena.  “We really live in a golden age of information where there is so much available at your fingertips. I’m so happy that I can contribute my life experience and knowledge alongside other authors who have taken the time and effort to write books that can hopefully help generations to come.”

The release of the book will not only support the success of the readers, but also a worthy cause.

The initial sales of Massive Action Equals Massive Results are supporting Autism Speaks, dedicated to promoting solutions, across the spectrum and throughout the lifespan, for the needs of individuals with autism and their families through advocacy and support.

Massive Action Equals Massive Results will be officially released September 15th on Amazon Kindle, and print in the weeks following.

Saxena is also available for speaking engagements and coaching.

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