Goddard’s Comments on Airwheel Self-balancing electric scooter

With the passage of day, Airwheel electric scooter spread widely all over the world. It became a household name now. Goddard, as a loyal fan of Airwheel is to comment on Airwheel mars rovers.

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More and more people have ridden Airwheel intelligent electric scooters. Goddard has rode Airwheel electric scooter for three years. Since Airwheel was set up, he rode the first model of Airwheel X8 electric unicycle. He gets a good understanding of the technology applied to Airwheel products. All controls, like moving forward, speeding up, slowing down, braking or changing direction, can be easily finished by leaning forward or backward.

Airwheel S8 two wheel saddle-equipped scooter

Then, the Airwheel S3 pioneered the 2 wheel electric scooter. The two-wheeled design showed its innovative nature. The two tyres ensured the excellent ability to keep balance. This advantage made it more suitable for those beginners. Some purchasers from large works bought them as commute between the two workshops. It served to inspire the subsequent S5 and worked as a tinge of creativity for Airwheel A3. Therefore, the importance and meaning of S3 is prominent.

Airwheel S8 two wheel saddle-equipped scooter

Goddard takes it that Airwheel S8 two wheel saddle-equipped scooter is seen as an upgraded version. Airwheel S8 realises a host of update in performance and design. Goddard has a good impression of Airwheel S8, as it really makes a breakthrough, by adding multiple sensors to realize dual ride mode. The leather saddle made of premium materials is pressure-resistant and breathable, giving you an excellent riding experience.

Airwheel S8 two wheel saddle-equipped scooter

The next prominent model is Airwheel C5. All advanced technology, like the camera, music playing and phone answering are connected to the mobile phone. Airwheel are not satisfied with the current achievements, creating a more advanced model—C5 helmet heads up display. The tech guarantees a comfortable ride. C5 is specially designed for you to keep you safe and to record the wonderful moments. With Airwheel C5, you can enjoy the professional level of video and photos and you can get perfect photography. These techs explain the consideration of Airwheel. Goddard thinks highly of this model. Even he was taken aback by it.

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In a word, Airwheel mars rover has beenapplied to people’s daily life for long. They are pioneers in the field of transportation and recreation.

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