5 Essential Items to Carry in a Survival Backpack, as Recommended by HAGA

“A complete survival backpack is very crucial especially during disasters.”
A survival expert lists the top 5 essential items needed to make the ideal survival backpack.

Carson City, NV – September 13, 2017 – In an emergency situation, a survival backpack can make or break a person’s chances of survival. A backpack containing the most useful items will be extremely valuable, but carry the wrong things and it could prove disastrous. To avert an unfortunate incident like this, Home and Garden America (HAGA) has listed the top 5 essential items for the ideal survival backpack.

First on the list is a multi-tool. “A multi-tool is always handy for survival preparedness. It combines various functions into one so you’ll have the exact tool you need in any given situation,” says an expert from HAGA.

For maximum functionality, he suggests getting a multi-tool that offers plenty of options. “A multi-tool with a knife blade, bottle opener, can opener, nail file, scissors, screwdriver, tweezers, toothpick and a wire stripper is ideal. Some brands even have a magnifying glass which you can use to start a fire. The more practical tools you have, the better—so be sure to invest in a quality multi-tool,” the expert advised.

The second item to carry in a survival backpack is non-perishable food. Canned food, crackers, dried beans, energy bars, freeze-dried items, honey and rice are just some of the most recommended foods because of their long shelf lives. It’s also important to have a stainless steel water bottle filled with clean drinking water for your water supply.

While storing water and non-perishable foods is a smart decision, there might be times when an emergency situation may last longer than your actual supply. At times like this, having some survival seeds in one’s bag can be very advantageous.

“Before your food supply runs out, start planting seeds that take only a few weeks to grow. Veggies like baby carrots, beans, leafy greens, lettuce, peas, radish, spinach, spring onion and turnip are known for their quick harvest times. Include these particular vegetables in your survival seeds pack so you can grow your own food when the need arises,” the HAGA expert remarked.

The fourth essential item is a first aid kit for treating wounds and other medical emergencies. Aside from the usual gauze and bandage, it’s wise to keep some common items like an antiseptic, alcohol, thermometer, insect repellent, antibiotic ointments, meds (for allergies, cough, diarrhea, fever, etc.), safety pins and vitamins if possible.

The HAGA expert also advises people to store certain herbs. “Borage, dill, fennel, mint, parsley, thyme, white yarrow and other medicinal herbs are effective as natural remedies when medicine isn’t available. You’ll definitely want to keep them in your bag.”

Last but not least, a proper survival backpack should always include a fire starting kit. “Prepare a lighter, magnesium starter and lots of waterproof matches. Trust me, you can never have enough matches in a survival situation! You’ll need fire not just to cook food and boil water but also to keep yourself warm. Never forget your fire making supply because it’s one of the keys to your survival,” the expert further advised.

With a proper multi-tool, food and water supply, survival seeds, first aid kit and fire starter in a survival backpack, anyone will be equipped to face the coming disasters.

More information about survival preparedness is available at www.homeandgardenamerica.com.

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