I Am Prosperity: Self Guide to Unlocking the Millionaire Within

A lot of people fail to understand that everyone has the potential of being financially free or ‘rich’ as everyone calls it, a lot of people think it is meant for a certain group of people but NO. Anybody can be a boss of his own. This book is that perfect guide that would help you ‘unlock the millionaire within’.

Abu H Ali, author of this amazing book titled ‘I Am Prosperity’ is proud to announce the launch of his book, one that would guide you through the perfect steps of saving, investing and finally becoming free. A dream that a lot of people never get to achieve, with this book you are sure to reach this goal.

With his groundbreaking book I Am Prosperity he states :”that we all have a millionaire inside of us we just have to bring it out.” I Am Prosperity will educate and empower you to develop a millionaire mindset and show you how to save invest and make money and help motivate you to become an entrepreneur and guide you to become a multi -millionaire in your lifetime.

This book is packed with knowledge that would help you become financially free, perfect book for the youths as the step into the world at large this book would help them make perfect decisions and reduce the rate of mistakes. Adults too would benefit from this book as it is never too late to make a fortune, ‘Lt Colonel Harland Sanders’ CEO of KFC didn’t make his first million until late in his adult life.

This book is available for purchase on Amazon (link above), start ordering and benefitting from this wonderful book filled with knowledge. Log onto our website and get involved, you wouldn’t regret.

For more information please visit https://www.amazon.com/Am-Prosperity-Abu-Ali-II/dp/0692271147

About the Author

Abu H. Ali has been in the financial services industry for 18 years with over $ 100 million dollars in management. He began hosting financial seminars for his teachers in high school during their lunch break showing them how to design their investment portfolios against loss. That enabled him to graduate from high school making more money than his teachers and with a good reputation.

Not only Is he an expert in the area of finance and an A level author, he is also an motivational speaker, Hip Hop Artist and Entrepreneur. He believes that the blend of education and entertainment is the perfect formula to keep you motivated to learn.

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