T-Watch: A Link to the whole World

It is said that men usually take three things when going outside: a mobile phone, a belt and a watch. The mobile phone has become an indispensable tool for modern people, while the belt one fastens can be a reflection of his/her taste (No offense to those fairies who don’t wear belts~). Then what about watches? Wearing a watch can help you emanate unique temperament and create a distinctive air of leisure.

Something big is happening here in Chinese central plains, where the shining, bright stars have been watching us…watch! Yes! That is what we are going to talk about! – a new smart watch that is becoming popular at a lightning speed.

The technical name of this newborn is T-Watch, a personal translating machine which was produced by Zoneyet, an Internet high-tech company from China. It could be the world’s most awesome translation watch up till the present moment.

Here are the details of “him” and you’ll know I’m not making a boast.

Very Strong Backing 

The R&D team of this watch comes from Zoneyet (stock code: 834134), a high-tech enterprise which takes cloud artificial intelligence as its core business by providing translation services in the fields of global Internet social networking, e-commerce, e-government and other related cross-border communications.

Founded in November 2010, Zoneyet has set its head office in Zhengzhou, China and realized its listing in NEEQ(National Equities Exchange and Quotations) in November 2015, becoming the first domestic social networking company that entered capital market as well as the first listed Internet technology company in Henan province. In May 2017, Zoneyet formally entered the innovation level of New Three Board, and owns now a market value of more than 1 billion RMB.

Such an enterprise, with a large scale and size, is destined to make a product of high standard and quality.

A Beauty Excelling All Other Competitors 

With simple circular design, the watch gets rid of the conventional shape of square frame, which is more consistent with the wearer’s feeling. Beyond that, he is also equipped with 613L steel metal wire drawing frame, a streamline body, and a dial plate of sapphire mirror material which is used in iphone’s camera lens. Also with the leather strap, the perfect softness is a plus for the user experience.

All of these qualities make him incomparable visually and tactilely.

A Travel Necessity Independent from Mobile Phone 

Most smart watches can be used in combination with APP, is that T-Watch so? NONONO~ T-Watch doesn’t rely on mobile phones anymore. Being independent from mobile phone, that’s the attitude of T-Watch. T-Watch supports independent communication, bluetooth and wifi wireless connection of 3G global frequency band. You can use it freely at anytime and anyplace.

A Healthy Housekeeper and Sweet Assistant. 

Running, walking, calorie consumption, heart rate monitoring and GPS real-time positioning ranging, T-Watch can do all of it. What’s more, T-Watch can set movement goals, movement times and personal physical information, then generate a set of periodic training program automatically. During the movement, you can also check the current movement distance, timing, speed and calorie consumption and other information. With data supporting the exercise, you’ll have more accurate goals every day!

Excellent Performance and Powerful Heart 

It is equipped with MTK6580 quad-core, 1G RAM + 16G ROM + Zoneyet OS, 1.39 inch AMOLED high-definition screen and resolution of 400 * 400 pixels. With ultra-low power consumption optimization, 2-day standby and 10 + hours usage length battery, the large capacity battery of 380mAh is integrated in this smart watch. With IP65 waterproof, it supports magnetic recharge, which makes you don’t need to worry about the battery any more.

T-Watch technology makes you “communicate with the World”.

Based on Zoneyet Intelligence Cloud Translation Service System(Zoneyet OS), T-Watch provides users 8-language translation service, and machine translation services are all for free! So, what should you do when you don’t understand the others in emergency? What should you do when the Customs inspect and you don’t understand their words? Don’t worry! With the unique technology of T-Watch — a key human translation call will solve all your problems instantly. Just press it, 200,000 local online translators will provide translation service for you. No matter simple or complex, they will be your all-inclusive accompanied interpreter. With T-Watch, you can travel all over the world! With T-Watch, you can “communicate with the world”.

Media Contact
Company Name: Zhengzhou Zoneyet Technology Co.,Ltd.
Contact Person: Yang Jun
Email: young213344@126.com
Phone: +86 13838375867
Country: China
Website: www.zoneyet.com