NAERSI 2018 SS Runway Show, Holding at the American Museum of Natural History, Presents the New Collection and Attracts Multiple Celebrities

Hosted at one of the most renowned Museum, NAERSI has witnessed the most powerful fashion celebrity party during New York Fashion Week. Leighton Meester, DeMarre Carroll, and Pan Xiaoting showed in the front row at the American Museum of Natural History last night, along with many more NAERSI’s supportive pals.

‘Power and Beauty’ was inspirited by our lovely living plant and the origin of life: the harmonious coexistence of nature and human beings. NAERSI believes that the female can be as successful as a male in any part of the business world, and they need the best business clothes to weapon themselves as well as to show off their great fashion taste; that’s the reason why NAERSI has established. 

NAERSI’s color pallet featured shades of gold, silver, black and white, with both pragmatic and artistic in design and tailoring. In a favor of business dress, NAERSI displays more than 20 dress looks in this whole new series. “As a female,” said Lingmei Liu, the founder of NAERSI, “dress is always our favorite clothes and our best robes.” So, you can see 20+ different dress looking, either business or a little bit casual, and the most important thing is: they all look great!

With a favor of Chinese Fashion, many celebrities, and Big Name retailer groups join the fashion party hosted by NAERSI. Famous actress Leighton Meester is one of them. As the cast of Blair Waldorf from “Gossip Girl”, Leighton Meester has become a superstar in acting and singing. After Gossip Girl”, Leighton Meester appeared in the films Killer Movie, Country Strong, The Roommate, Monte Carlo, The Oranges, and The Judge. Meester also made her way to music with successful singles “Somebody to Love” “Your Love’s a Drug” and “Heartstrings”.

As we all know that Miss Leighton Meester just has her first baby girl and enjoyed her life with her and her beloved husband Adam Brody, so this is her first time be on a fashion show ever after that! Welcome back, Leighton Meester!!!

During the show, Leighton Meester wearied a breath-holding gorgeous white maxi dress, with her blond-to-brown hair tidily on her shoulder. People’s eyes followed her wherever she showed up.

Additionally, the vanguard of Brooklyn Nets DeMarre Carroll also showed up in NAERSI’s fashion show at American Museum of Natural History.

Famous female professional pool player Xiaoting Pan, also known as “Queen of Nice-Ball”, was in the front row of NAERSI’s fashion show too. It was her first time be invited to New York Fashion Week.

Lingmei Chen, as one of the most successful business woman, her story of “Never too late to start your own business” precedes the success of NAERSI. Miss Lingmei Chen started EEKA Group at when she was 47, an age while the other people are thinking of retirement; she dauntless quitted her job in government and put all her money into the business. She failed and succeed, and now, EEKA Group has become a fashion giant with billions of revenues annually, 7 mature fashion brands and more than 500 retailers in China.

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NAERSI is a leading women apparel brand founded by the industrial legendary of China: Mrs. Lingmei Chen in the year of 1995. With over 600 physical stores in China, NAERSI has always followed its operation philosophy as “dressing up the life of intellectual women with beauty, confidence and young state of minds”. Beyond that, NAERSI sets up its mission as “initiating and guiding a high-quality life for intellectual women” and the vision of “becoming the most well-known Chinese women apparel brand with high status”. NAERSI will be keeping up with the design innovations and global fashion trends to meet the clients’ tastes as well as to create new demands in the industry.

The brand spirit of NAERSI is to instill CONFIDENCE and ELEGANCE to intellectual women at their prime ages through the stylish design. Inspired by European fashion style and modern metropolis life attitude, NAERSI embodies classic tailoring with great design and a state of young mind into artful expressions, confident lifestyle and diversified beauty performances. Hong Deng, as the current chief manager at NAERSI, has accompanied the growth of NAERSI for twenty years. After a series of strategic cooperations with global design teams, Hong Deng is paving NAERSI’s way to be recognized as an international brand in recent years.

NAERSI has invited French fashion designer Lutz as the design consultant to keep up with the global fashion trends. Right now, NAERSI becomes the most welcomed women apparel brand in China leading the apparel market sales. NAERSI also carefully selects and cultivates promising young Chinese designers to build brand’s social reputation. NAERSI’s S/S 2018 collection puts forward a talented Chinese emerging designer Xingxing Wu, who has won multiple design awards in China, as the chief designer. By mixing his unique simplicity style with layered clothing design, Xingxing Wu’s creative fashion savvy will bring better features of youthful dynamism and modernism into NAERSI.

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