FLiFLi launches Indiegogo campaign for its AI Drone \”ORCA\”

Popular drone drop device manufacturer, FLiFLi, runs Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for the world’s first AI Drone “ORCA” – the real Jarvis

FliFli has announced the launch of its Indiegogo campaign to raise fund for its newly manufactured drone, “ORCA”. “ORCA” is the world’s first Artificial Intelligence drone. The campaign aims to raise a total of $100,000 for the production of the revolutionary drone.

The first of its kind AI droneis described as the firstly ever born personal AI legendary hero in the sky, bringing to life a dream was otherwise beyond anyone’s imagination. After various researches and development, the FLiFLi team has come up with the drone that has been likened to the famous Jarvis in the Iron Man franchise.

The major high point of the drone, which makes it distinct from other such gadgets, is the ability of the user to control by voice. This innovative drone is bringing dreams to reality, allowing lovers of flying objects have more fun with friends as it creates a smarter way to fly.

The Artificial-Intelligence-enabled drone can be directed using speeches. In addition to the features mentioned above, the drone also offers amazing 360-degree Augmented Reality viewing features with an intelligent HUD.

FLiFLi’s aim of allowing lovers of flying objects control smarter, fly smarter and enjoy having fun with their drones is reiterated by the auto-pilot system.  This ensures the users are in full control of the drone and it consequently executes all actions and instructions.

The drone can be commanded to fly to a particular destination, increase or decrease altitude or return to location. ORCA also comes with an Interactive Heads Up Display (HUD) with a 360º AR Screen, showing information like altitude, GPS, velocity and other such required information as well as weather condition via internet.

ORCA is designed to ensure drone flyers get the true pilot experience. The internet-controlled drone also allows users to share their experiences with friends via the different social media platforms.

The Indiegogo campaign allows interested persons to get the drone at heavily discounted prices, available for as low as $499 for the super limited perk as opposed to the Amazon price of over $1,200. The Indiegogo special deal offers the drone for $699, allowing backers to get it at almost half the price on Amazon.

About FLiFLi

FLiFLi is a manufacturer of drones and accessories, with unique and innovative ideas to create intresting flying experiences. FLiFLi comprises of highly skilled experts in hardware, software and product design. FLiFLi is based in New Jersey, US and has three corporations in the US, China and Korea collaborating to manufacture, produce and develop products.

The company is passionate about making high quality tech and affordable drones. It recently launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for the first of its kind AI drone in a bid to bridge between the latest AI and AR technology.

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Company Name: FLiFLi
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Country: United States
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