Organic Coconut Oil Brand Explains What 10 Years of Being USDA Certified Organic Really Teaches

Organic Fiji, creators of organic coconut oil products, discuss their reason to celebrate this summer – 10 whole years being certified organic to USDA standards by Oregon Tilth!

What’s the hype?

Organic Fiji have just celebrated their tenth anniversary of USDA organic certification with Oregon Tilth. Organic Fiji offer organic skin care, hair care & nutrition using only ‘nature’s botanical apothecary’. The active ingredient in all Organic Fiji products is USDA certified organic, cold pressed, extra virgincoconut oil. Organic coconut oil beholds remarkable benefits that have been used by tropical cultures for generations and recorded as far back as ancient ayurvedic writings in Sanskrit. Today, people everywhere are gaining appreciation for the skin, beauty, and dietary benefits of raw, unrefined coconut oil.

Organic Fiji crafts their products with ‘all the warmth and benefits of island traditions from [their] sustainable, eco-friendly coconut plantation,”[i] to achieve holistic health and beauty inside and out. They offer an eclectic range of raw coconut oils, coconut oil soaps, coconut oil lotions, coconut oil body scrubs, coconut oil lip balms, and nutritional coconut oil for cooking and dietary functions. An artisanal line designed for the whole family.

What is the USDA Organic Standard?

The United States Department of Agriculture outlines that “Organic is a labeling term that indicates that the product has been produced through approved methods. The organic standards describe the specific requirements that must be verified by a USDA-accredited certifying agent before products can be labeled USDA organic. Overall, organic operations must demonstrate that they are protecting natural resources, conserving biodiversity, and using only approved substances” [ii].

What does this ten-year anniversary mean for Organic Fiji?

Ten years of experience working with Oregon Tilth, our certifying agent, to upkeep this strict USDA standard has been a growing process for us. It really teaches you about what it means to be organic, and how painstakingly strict that term is! Everything is assessed, from purchase order, to invoice of product, to shipping documents from vendor, to our receiving of the product, to production of the product ingredients, to the labeling of the product all the way to the final sale of to the customer. Each time we go through the certificationprocess the industry seems to become more transparent, you see where people are really being fooled by marketing about natural products. So many ingredients you’d think would be pure are actually synthetic derivatives labeled as ‘natural’. There are many junctions during the process where as an applicant you have to decide, is the customer and the final product’s purity worth the struggle? Our answer has always been yes. Every time.” explainsOrganic Fiji’s founder. Organic Fiji have been producing organic coconut oil products for over ten years. They are committed to offering their customers unrefinedcoconut oil products for the whole body that really work.

These past ten years of being certified organic have allowed us to not only stay committed to the cleanest and most wholesome ingredients for our products, but it also allows us a decade of product development under the organic umbrella. Time is invaluable in this way. There are some really beneficial organic ingredients out there that work wonders for the body –experience gives us the knowledge on what the customers need, what really works and then the most organic and environmentally friendly way to accomplish our product goals”clarifies Organic Fiji Product Development Manager. Organic Fiji’s inspiration comes from the traditions of the Fiji Islands, where organic coconut oil is an integral part of all aspects of life, from cooking to beauty and everything in between.

About the USDA standards and certifiers:

USDA itself sets organic standards, but they do not directly certify applicants. Organic certifying agents (accredited by the USDA) are responsible for the certification process. Oregon Tilth is one of the country’s oldest accredited certifying bodies and has led the way in organic agriculture and sustainable production methods for the past 40 years. They’ve played a leading role in forming a federal USDA National Organic Program, expanding organic sustainability beyond agriculture to other industries like textiles, cooking, and beauty products.

Oregon Tilth oversees processing and handling of personal care products and takes a “holistic approach to production and encourage[s] producers to create organic systems that improve soils, preserve natural resources and minimize public health risks”[iii]. They work with everyone that touches any part of the process, including processors, handlers and marketers of organic products, enforcing and ensuring the organic integrity of products from farm to table. Or in Organic Fiji’s case, from plantation to customer.

It’s important to mention here that there is no specific regulations for personal care within USDA standards. This means that Organic Fiji products are actually certified organic to an organic food standard. This is a much stricter assessment angle and prohibits many ingredients that other certifying agents working for body care specific standards would indeed allow. The ingredients are literally organic enough to consume, which is comforting to know being as the skin is the largest organ in the body and actively absorbs anything that is put on it into the bloodstream. A good reminder that it is just as important to be mindful of the ingredients in your health and beauty products as the food you eat.

What does this ten-year anniversary mean for Organic Fiji customers?

Organic Fiji customers can be assured, not only by the organic certifications, but by the decade of experience in making organic products this ecofriendly coconut oil company has had. Ten years gives Organic Fiji precious time to develop their products so that they really shine. Each ingredient included in this artisan coconut oil line is carefully and thoughtfully chosen with transparency and purity in mind. Certified organic coconut oil is a wondrous ingredient with so many benefits, but without the experience of an established and committed natural products company customer satisfaction can quickly decline. After reading about the USDA food standards and Oregon Tilth’s stringent certification process, customers should also feel assured that Organic Fiji is not only committed to high standards, but also to their customer’s toxin free lives too – repeatedly making the choice to remain botanically pure and Non-GMO every meticulous step of the journey. ‘Because you’re worth it’ gains a new meaning entirely, allowing customers to see their personal care choices are a true investment in their own future.

When shopping for natural products, it’s important to research the brand you intend on using to ensure it meets the strict certifiable criteria of a claim. Otherwise, you may be paying more and not necessarily getting the appropriate quality in ingredients. “From baby care to buddha bowls, moisturizing hair care to make up remover, pet care to pedicures, and everything in between[iv] Organic Fiji believes that everyone can benefit from their Oregon Tilth certified organic coconut oil products.

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