Samuel Evans Seeks Funding On Kickstarter For Launching His Invention, The Sam Evans Super Syrup

Samuel Evans chooses the Kickstarter option to start a funding campaign for Sam Evans Super Syrup.

Samuel Evans, a decorated Vietnam veteran, has announced the launch of a Kickstarter campaign for funding his Sam Evans Super Syrup project. Super Syrup is all-natural, tasty syrup containing organic ingredients, all carefully chosen for its natural health-giving properties.

“Super Syrup was created from my own quest for something that would give me oodles of energy,” says Samuel Evans while explaining the features of his newly launched product. I tested numerous ingredients without any success and hence turned to time-proven health remedies. The amazing positive effect the newly-formulated concoction had on his health encouraged him to go public with his formula.”

Before he could hit upon the successful secret formula for Super Syrup, Sam created several smoothies, energy drinks and other concoctions but none could pass the muster. He then turned to health remedies that had already stood the test of time. The Super Syrup thus created was tested on himself – two tablespoons every morning. The results were very encouraging as he felt better and energetic.

Sam Evans Super Syrup is made of natural ingredients such as pure organic honey with clover imported from Brazil, pure organic Ceylon cinnamon, organic apple cider vinegar and pure alkaline water. Each one of these ingredients has proven health giving and curative properties. The best part is that the Super Syrup is free from dyes, preservatives, chemicals, contaminants, MSG, fillers, or non-organic matter.

Those who have tested the Sam Evans Super Syrup have reviewed the syrup positively. They say it is great for health and skin too as it makes complexion clear and brighter. Another user felt an improvement in energy level after taking just six doses of the Super Syrup. Almost all users of the syrup are of the opinion that this is just what they all longed for.

While there are some risks involved in achieving the goal of full scale launching of the product, Samuel Evans is positive that he and his team will be able to achieve it smoothly. They have the knowledge and the experience needed to bring this product to the consumers. They have invested heavily in research, production, and delivery of the finest Sam Evans Super Syrup.

The Kickstarter campaign launched by Samuel Evans is aiming at achieving the financial goal of $15,000. The deadline for achieving the funding is 12 October, 2-17. Samuel has announced many incentives for contributors to the Kickstarter campaign depending on their level of contribution.

About Sam Evans Super Syrup:

Sam Evans Super Syrup is an invention of Samuel Evans, a decorated Vietnam veteran who wanted something to boost his sagging energy level. The Super Syrup contains time-tested and proven, all natural, organic ingredients known for their health giving properties. The Super Syrup will help improve energy and restore optimum good health of users when consumed regularly. The product has been reviewed positively by many users.

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