Word of Mouth is Dead! Consumers Now Ask Google and Read 5-Star Reviews

“Instead of word-of-mouth recommendations, consumers now favor Google and 5-star reviews”
Customer reviews play an important role in the success or failure of a business. Word of mouth, social proof, or in other words — popularity — has always been a key to success in business. Today that has evolved into 5-star online reviews.

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO – SEPTEMBER 13, 2017 – “When we want to know something about any person, product, or business, what do we do? We Google it,” says Tony Semadeni, owner of Business Checkup, a digital marketing agency in Colorado Springs, Colorado. In 2017, the truth is that the content of 5-star online reviews on sites like Yelp, Google, Facebook, and even your own website can mean the difference between success and failure — particularly if you are a small local business.

In a recent survey by Google, roughly 1 out of 4 of small businesses – especially local business who do not sell products online – have their blinders on when it comes to the internet. They think because they serve a localized base of consumers — a portion of which is foot traffic — that what people are saying on the web is irrelevant. The remaining 3 out of 4 business owners say they know having a reputation management plan is important, but only 1 out of 4 have implemented a program and made it one of their critical business processes.

Tony Semadeni reinforces this concept to every business owner during their initial consultation, “If you’re one of the owners that haven’t started, it’s time to wake up to the realities of today’s marketplace and consumer behavior. Bad reviews – or even no reviews – will drive people away from your door when there are so many other choices.”

For example, positive comments from customers or clients produce an average increase in sales of 18 percent and that consumers are likely to spend 31 percent more because of positive reviews. Conversely, 22 percent of consumers won’t buy your product or service after reading just one negative review and four or more bad comments can take up to 70 percent of a business’s potential customers away.

Creating new keyword-rich content on a variety of social media sites as well as within your own website is just the start of putting in motion a proactive reputation management program. Generating an ongoing flow of first-person customers reviews is also a critical foundation component.

“For many businesses, the simplest solution is to outsource the work to other company, such as ours. We do what it takes to protect your online reputation by creating ongoing positive content that dominates Page 1 of any search, thereby protecting you with a barrier against negative content… keeping it suppressed and beyond the reach of those people searching out your name,” says Semadeni.

“When you look at the simply fact that in 2017, with most potential customers having a smart phone or device within speaking range, nearly all new purchases where the consumer doesn’t already have a favorite merchant in mind, that smart device will be called upon to make recommendations, and with those recommendations will be reviews by prior customers, and with those reviews will come a rating between one star and five. So the reality of today is that your potential customer will be making their own decision about your reputation even before getting to know you…all based on information they find out about you that is floating around in the Internet. So if you don’t think this will have a huge impact on your business now and in the future, get yourself some coffee and wake up. It’s only going to get worse for you unless you take action drive positive customers reviews that show up online,” says Tony Semadeni.

Business Checkup LLC

Since 2010, Business Checkup founder Tony Semadeni and his team has been committed to helping small business owners compete with the big companies and rise to the next level by providing outsourced advertising and digital marketing services tailored specifically to meet the needs of local “neighbor” businesses.

For more information on 5-star customer review systems, visit www.businesscheckup.info/market-pro

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