13 September, 2017 – Foremost Technological Maestro Company proudly announces the introduction of the world’s first Artificial intelligence drone ‘ORCA’ and seeks the support of the public for its crowd-funding campaign.

ORCA is the world’s First AI Drone, It’s been tagged as the finest result technology has achieved as regards drone. ORCA works with a high-quality output as it could be controlled by voice.

The ORCA drone is a highly intelligent drone designed with an Auto pilot system, programmed to identify and understand voice commands.

The drone recognizes voice command which enables different destination flight, increase or decrease of altitude and returning to take off location.

ORCA is an idea the world has never imagined, the ORCA drone can be used to snap amazing photos and record memorable videos, another astonishing feature of the drone is a killer one, the drone uploads snapped photos or recorded videos to one’s social media as soon as it locates Wi-Fi network after a flight.

Other prominent features and details about the drone can be viewed on the Indiegogo campaign site.

The world first came in contact with Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the year 2014; it was introduced in the mega-hit movie ‘Iron Man’ through the AI system called Jarvis.

A start-up company in New Jersey attempted to reinterpret the existing leisure drones to the level of artificial intelligence. Existing available drones are stuck into an enclosed structure (i.e. stereotyped joy pad control) while by contrast, “ORCA” is built to work with an open network (using the Internet).

With the open network (Internet) users may not have all the resources available. It can be easily obtained by sharing and utilizing the resources that are lacking to the user through the network. Based on that idea, the first goal of the company was to have an operating environment based on the Internet with an LTE communication module in the drones. As a result, when controlling the drones, it is possible to control them via the Internet rather than through RF (Radio Frequency) signal. This feature allows the combination of the AI technology provided by Amazon AWS with the drone.

The AI system in the drones provides additional services besides the mandatory command. Such additional services include autonomous flight, navigation, obstacle recognition, phone call, and listening to music.

FLiFLi remains passionate about drone, experts in hardware, software and product design, consist of highly skilled members. The team keeps working hard with enthusiasm to bridge the gap between the latest AI and AR technology. The company plans to launch revolutionary software (AR) with this drone in the second half of 2018.

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Company Name: FLiFLi
Contact Person: John Robinson
Phone: 201-390-3207
Country: United States