LyfSkill Freelance Marketplace Offers Low fee and Discounts to customers

Australian-based upcoming global freelance marketplace, LyfSkill announces its offer of freebies and discounts to customers, allowing them to enjoy even more affordable digital services

LyfSkill has announced the offer of freebies and discounts to its customers, allowing them to enjoy even more affordable yet quality services from a wide range of freelancers and digital service providers. The freelancing website is designed to connect digital service providers and businesses in need of such services. The site provides a platform where service providers and business can meet and transact seamlessly and the offer ensures businesses, especially small ones, can get more for less.

Several other freelancing platforms charge as high as 20 percent commission from sellers and 5 percent processing fee from buyers, leading to low value services to both sellers and buyers. However, LyfSkill not only charges a low fee of 10 percent to sellers, but also has zero processing fees for buyers. This further makes LyfSkill a cost-effective option for buyers and better source of income for buyers especially when compared to many other already existing Freelancing platforms.

LyfSkill is offering freebies and discounts that allow customers to get as much as $5 cash-back on every 3rd job they order. The offer allows businesses to get more jobs done while spending less. On the other hand, it helps to increase the sales of freelancers on the site, as customers tend to spend more in a bid to enjoy the offer.

The offer is valid for jobs done in the same month. Therefore, customers can only enjoy the offer if all 3 jobs are ordered in the same month. The offer is also valid on all categories of services offered on the platform. This allows all kinds of customers regardless of the size or nature of their business to be a part of the offer.

In addition to offering customers $5 cash-back on every 3rd job they order, LyfSkill is also offering $10 off on all orders from $30 upwards.This offer valid on orders made before the 30th September is part of LyfSkill’s aim of helping businesses get more for less. This also reiterates the company’s aim of promoting small businesses and creating a somewhat level playing ground for all businesses regardless of their size or financial stand.

LyfSkill was recently launched in May 2017 and has grown in a relatively short space of time, with thousands of freelancers and businesses already enjoying the uniqueness of the site. Featuring freelancers from across the globe and allowing them their services for worldwide customers, LyfSkill has been described as the go-to place for all digital services.

LyfSkill has several kinds of services being offered in different categories. Some of the categories include Lifestyle, Graphics and Design, Content Marketing, Programming and Tech, SEO and Web, Music and Audio, Video and Animation, Digital Marketing, and Business Skills.

The website’s interface is easy to navigate allowing freelancers to set up their microjobs easily, and buyers to purchase services with ease. The platform is also cost-effective, as sellers can post their services free while buyers can enjoy affordable services starting from as low as $5.

About was founded by Saurabh Porwal and was officially launched in May 2017. The Australian-based digital service based website offers freelancers the opportunity to reach a wider audience, while ensuring that businesses enjoy cost-effective business solutions. creates a platform that allows customers and service providers to connect seamlessly.

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