Aaron Wooten Announces Indiegogo Campaign To Fund Expansion Operations At Cranford Cove

Aaron Wooten taps the Indiegogo platform to raise funds for Grow Cranford Cove, the most happening destination for food, drinks and music.

Aaron Wooten and wife Sarah have sounded their intent to raise funds for their dream restaurant project through Indiegogo. They own the Cranford Cove, situated in Greeley, leased from a trash wear and tattoo shop tenant. The funding is needed to expand operations of the Cranford Cove.

“We want to pamper our guests with an expansive menu and renovate the place by introducing a few unique comfort functions,” says Aaron Wooten. We are committed to serving the downtown Greeley community with some delicious food and cocktails. The funding that we are seeking on Indiegogo is to renovate the current space and expand our menu so that more people can seat and enjoy a wider range of delectable dishes.”

According to Aaron Wooten, Cranford Cove is their idea of serving the community by creating new spaces where people can come together through good food, local music, and enchanting orders. They have a detailed plan to expand their kitchen and music space and also upgrade the AC system. They also want to create an outdoor patio.   

Cranford Cove was started by Aaron and his wife on a shoestring budget. It was a dream come true for the couple. The support of the community in Greeley helped them overcome the various hurdles and their business thrived and soon they outgrew the little tavern.

Apart from becoming the favorite destination for locals to meet and enjoy a great time, Cranford Cove also supports local musicians. They have been encouraging and donating to local charities and supporting their fight against sex trafficking. Their charity causes also include district 6 school and the local library. Cranford Cove also hosts a weekly run club that’s free for all runners.

Aaron Wooten has big plans to expand Cranford Cove next door into the space previously occupied by Cafe Panache. It is now the favorite stop of Greeley locals and those passing by the place thanks to the array of innovative drinks and delicious baked goods. The addition of the Cafe Panache space can help the restaurant serve their clients incredible dinners, too. The renovation plans include consolidation and improvement of the kitchen and building a proper commercial kitchen equipped for full restaurant and bakery use.

Cafe Panache will be refurbished and made into a formal dining space. This one small move will help Cranford Cove more than double their current seating capacity. There are also plans for expanding the restaurant space outside and behind to create an intimate, fenced patio where locals can enjoy their leisure, day and night.

Aaron Wooten also has plans to expand their liquor license to incorporate the new outdoor seating. Here, people can enjoy their favorite local brews as well as the creative cocktails.

The fundraiser campaign that’s currently live on Indiegogo has a flexible goal of $35,000. A few days are left for the campaign to end.

About Grow Cranford Cove:

Grow Cranford Cove is an initiative by Aaron and Sarah Wooten, the owners of Cranford Cove. They want to serve the Greeley community by renovating the restaurant and creating new spaces where they can enjoy great food and music. They also support a host of local charities.

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