Interviews For Grievance And Disciplinary Hearings Effectively Transcribed By Alphabet

HR departments sometimes have a difficult and challenging role to fulfill when they have to deal with disciplinary or grievance hearings. Interviews have to be recorded and then transcribed. Fortunately, companies like Alphabet Secretarial exist to make HR departments’ jobs a lot easier.

UNITED KINGDOM – 13 Sep, 2017 – Transcription services have a variety of purposes in the corporate world. A good transcription service, for one, can help companies and corporations transcribe meetings and conferences, market research data, interviews, and other important events and information. But transcription services play a big role when it comes to giving premium assistance to HR teams as well.

Alphabet Secretarial, for instance, provides corporate transcription services that run the gamut from transcribing interviews and conferences to transcribing press events, board meetings, and more. But apart from this, Alphabet Secretarial also offers an invaluable service for delicate and confidential matters which fall under the Human Resource team’s responsibility, and this includes the transcribing of disciplinary hearings and grievance hearings.

Everyone knows that such hearings can be very taxing as they not only involve sensitive matters, but may involve a lot of pertinent and crucial details as well. That’s why disciplinary and grievance hearings need to be aptly recorded and then accurately transcribed. But thanks to the services offered by Alphabet Secretarial, HR departments around the UK have a much easier time handling such hearings and can deal with them in the most professional way possible.

Grievance hearings are also quite delicate, as they often involve one employee or member of the staff who has been pitted against another employee or member of the staff, and each will have to explain their grievances and their side of the matter. In order to deal with such complicated and awkward proceedings in the best and most diplomatic and considerate way, HR teams would have to record the entire proceeding and then have it all transcribed. If the HR department cannot find a good transcription service – or finds one which gives a service that is inaccurate and disappointing, to say the least – the matter may not be fully resolved, and HR may even face an accusation in the future.

As Alphabet Secretarial explains, “We work closely with HR professionals to transcribe recordings for disciplinary hearings. Our legal transcribers have been working with law professionals since 1995 and can provide all documents in court-ready templates to save you time when preparing for employee tribunals. Attention to detail is what differentiates Alphabet from the rest. You will not be disappointed you made the right choice.”

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