Ovi Watch launches new Mandala watch collection

Popular independent wooden watch maker, Ovi Watch, launches new collection of watches with Mandala face

Ovi Watch has announced the launch of its new watch collection with mandala symbol on the face of each watch. The popular maker of wooden watches is renowned for its handmade wooden watches of premium quality, with different watch collections designed for men and women of all ages.

Ovi watch recently announced an addition to its wide range of handmade wooden watches with the introduction of timepieces that come with mandala symbol on Face. Every timepiece from the watch maker is meticulously created with craft, having the customer in mind.

The Mandala collection is not any different, as the creation starts with a simple yet definitive sketch, based on the Mandala symbol, a unique feature of the collection. The unique artwork is created using a name, which is subsequently duplicated over and over, creating a circle which is filled and enriched with decorative and symbolic elements, making it feel and look complete.

The uniqueness of each of the timepiece from Ovi watch and the creativity behind the watches has continued to stand the brand out from the competition. Ovi watch uses premium quality materials for each of the watches.

Using swiss movements and sapphire glass for the Mandala collection and other watches made by the brand, the durability and style of the collection is guaranteed. Every piece from Ovi watch is made by hands. However, unlike other top watch brands, the timepieces from Ovi watch are affordably priced, ensuring that every watch lover can afford a piece of premium quality.

Ovi watch has been able to combine quality and affordability in every piece, with its carefully created handmade timepieces reasonably priced and available for all genders and classes of people.

From a relatively small home town of Liepāja, Ovi watch has become a world player, with its different collections being worn in over 30 countries across the globe. The different collections of wooden watches by Ovi watch are available in cherry-tree, teak versions, walnut and elm versions, with calfskin straps, Sapphire crystal glass and Swiss movements.

The different collections from Ovi watch include Habo, Herus, Latvietis, Grandis, and Mundus amongst others.Ovi watch also offers custom made wooden watches for interested persons, while maintaining the creativity and uniqueness that the brand is synonymous with. The custom made watches comes with customized faces, engravings and engravings on straps.

Ovi watch has a page on Facebook as well as YouTube for more information about their collections and the recently released Mandala collection.

About Ovi Watch

Ovi Watch is the maker of high quality wooden watches headquartered in Latvia. Ovi watch produces premium quality handmade watches  which are the world’s lightest watches weighing less than 20g; they are made with durable and quality materials, adding a touch of nature and design to every piece.

The timepieces from Ovi watch are reasonably priced, with the company taking advantage of Latvia’s production of high quality wood to produce wooden watches great for any occasion or function.

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Address:Cukura 8-16, Liepaja, LV-3414
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