Renate Douwes launches World Pool Championship, the new multiplayer pool game at iTunes

Talented developer Renate Douwes has recently announced the launch of their new game World Pool Championship at iTunes. The game compatible with iPad, iPhone and iPod touch is a multiplayer pool game that allows the user to play this exciting game with their friends and family. It’s a challenging 8 ball billiards game with high-quality graphics that enables the user to enjoy the fun of playing pool right through their mobile screens.

The users can download this fun game for free at iTunes and enter into the world Pool championship to become the next master. The game features a user-friendly interface and easy controls which make it suitable to be played by various age groups. It is based on multiple backgrounds such as Moscow, London, Sydney and more for providing an even better gaming experience to the user.

To play the game, the user can simply tap and aim for letting the ball loose for a strike. The player can challenge their friends to compete against or play with other online players as a one on one match. The game allows the users to enter into various tournaments, each with different prize and entry fee levels, for instance, the London tournament has a prize of 100 points with an entry fee of 50 points, the Moscow tournament offers a prize of 1000 points with 500 points as an entry fee. The users can play the entry-level game to earn points and then use those points to join a higher level tournament. The game also features in-app purchases of various game boosters and coins that can help them to move up in the game. It’s an exciting new game that brings the enjoyment of playing pool with friends on mobile screen.

The app size is 102 MB and requires iOS 7.0 or more for download. More information about the gaming app can be found on iTunes.

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